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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Recap: ‘He Has A Wife’


In episode eight, “He Has a Wife,” of How To Get Away With Murder, picks right back up with Bonnie informing Annalise of Lila’s pregnancy, Annalise daring her husband to lie to her again, while trying to figure out who actually did kill Lila, and the Wes/Rebecca duo asking to be offed.

The Case

Annalise has accepted the case of a mother who is accused of murdering her live-in housekeeper/nanny, Elka, while high on sleeping meds. While the kids go about searching for any evidence to counter the damning video evidence against her. Annalise is broadsided with the reveal that the son of the accused was sleeping with the housekeeper, who also happened to give him trichomoniasis. Gross. Even worse, turns out the father was also sleeping with Elka so he also caught a case of trichomoniasis. Even Grosser. The father agrees, because he’s the one who stabbed Elka to death after learning she was banging his son. This is all brought to light by Michaela realizing that both guys were on the same antibiotic used to treat trichomoniasis. The fact that he let his wife take the blame for all of it makes him the winner for “Husband of the Year” in hell.

The Kids

So while everyone is working both the sleep-walking murder case and Lila’s murder case, they’re each getting into trouble on their own. Laurel is continuing to cheat on Kahn with Frank. To be honest, I’m not mad at her for this one. They’re super-hot together, when they argue they go 100 percent at each other, and the same goes for the car sex. Unfortunately, Frank’s girlfriend now knows. There’s always gotta be a second shoe to drop.

Connor continues to try to bang everything he can to get the IT guy outta of his heart because he can’t seem to cope any other way, except in another’s guys pants.

Asher remains Asher, a raging loveable jackass, who is clueless about most things in life but every once in a while stumbles upon evidence, which is how he ended up with the class trophy in his possession.

About that trophy, Michaela is psychotic and goes to Asher’s place with the cover to hang out, only to steal the trophy out from under him. This is how the trophy ends up back at Annalise’s house that night to be used to murder Sam.  I should note that Michaela is psychotic over upcoming exams and the prenup that Aidan’s parents are asking her to sign. She even has a surprise visit from her mother-in-law, played by the flawless Lynn Whitfield. As soon as Lynn turned around, I knew Michaela lost. I knew Michaela was going wish she had never been born when she raised her hand to slap her future mother-in-law at dinner. Michaela, you in danger. And your fiancé is spineless tool having his parents bring this to you instead of himself.

Lila’s Murder

I’m going to be honest, after seeing Lila in action I can see how she ended up in the water tank. You don’t play your boyfriend, sleep with a married man, get knocked up, threaten to tell the wife and basically threaten to make everyone’s lives miserable without ending up dead as a doornail. Annalise confronts Sam in their bedroom about Lila’s pregnancy with Bonnie watching. It’s uncomfortable for everyone, but that’s Annalise’s point. She’s deliberately going out of her way to punish Sam at every turn without leaving him, because at the root of their deranged marriage, she needs him. He rescued her from whatever brokenness she came from, and she became the other woman who married her lover. Annalise seems to believe in the brutal nature of Karma, because as she says to Sam, “You slept with her what six or seven times, and you managed to knock her up. Making a dead woman more of a woman than me.”

Remember when Annalise begged Wes not to tell Sam about her affair with Nate? I truly thought she was just making lies up to make Wes sympathize for her. Turns out, Sam and Annalise really have lost several babies, which only adds to her baggage of not deserving Sam or more specifically deserving Sam cheating on her. What’s incredible is the restrained facial expressions or halted movements that Viola uses to convey her dark, bitter, and soul-consuming love and hatred for Sam.

It’s also important to note that Sam knew about Lila’s pregnancy because when that ginger showed up at Annalise’s house, Bonnie ran interference and Lila let it slip that Sam couldn’t keep it (the baby) a secret anymore. When Bonnie talks to Sam about it, he tries to be Rico Suave and use Bonnie’s feelings for him as a buffer to “protect” Annalise from hearing that he already knew about the baby. In a total prick move, he kisses Bonnie, which is basically what she’s wanted since the beginning of time, except she realizes that she loved Annalise more. Annalise, by the way, throws the deathglare at Bonnie every single chance she gets because she knows Bonnie’s crush is out of control.

Bonnie comes clean to Annalise about what Sam knew and about the kiss, and Annalise promptly fires her on the spot, which Helen Keller saw coming but Bonnie did not. Not even groveling on her knees saved her job. But you just knew whatever she did to Bonnie, Annalise was going to clapback 1000 times harder to Sam. And she does, by requesting that all males in Lila’s life should submit to a DNA test for the fetus. Bloop. Your junk got you busted, Sam.

One last note: Wes and Rebecca need to simultaneously fall onto razor sharp sticks somewhere in the woods, where they’re lost forever. Wes immediately runs and tells Rebecca about Lila’s pregnancy, even after Annalise instructed him not to (Which is in her master plan, she ain’t stupid). Meanwhile, Rebecca has teamed up with Nate, the poster child for petty behavior towards an ex, to investigate Sam even further. At least Wes realizes that Rebecca is putting them in dangerous territory with Annalise. Rebecca just remains annoying, ungrateful, and oh so smug. I’m waiting for Annalise to unleash her fury on those two.

Watching this show, alright Viola, is like watching a ballet every week. She makes it seem so easy, while in reality she’s busting out this acting muscle that makes everyone step up their game. I still don’t know who killed Lila or Sam. My off-the-wall guess is Annalise took care of Lila, and Bonnie started in on Sam and one of the kids let him die. I have no basis for these guesses, I’m just throwing them out there. I pay attention to the clues, but part of the fun is going on this ride without solving the mystery. I also lost most games of Clue growing up, so that with a grain of salt. Who are your guesses for the one in water tank and the one in the rug?

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