General Hospital Recap: Franco, Nina and Ava Play Magical Jail Cells, Olivia Brings Us RomCom Perfection

PCPD’s cell block tango

AvaAnd what a dance it was this week! The police department’s holding cells are never empty in Port Charles, and even when three of our favorite characters are its inhabitants, it’s still fine! Nina Reeves (Thank God she got rid of her married name), Franco and Ava Jerome were forced to deal with one another while awaiting their upcoming trials. Port Charles was hell on Earth for a good year because of this trio’s schemes, yet for a good portion of that year they weren’t working together though their paths are undeniably merged now. After being ripped away from her newborn baby girl twice, Ava was on her very last nerve and Nina too was at her wit’s end worrying about the baby that wasn’t hers right in front of the woman she’d stolen her from. These scenes made for a memorable yet darkly hilarious watch with one of the best bits included Ava being curious about this “Jamie” that Nina kept raving about, only to find out that Nina had named her baby and was even admonishing Ava for that! Newsflash: You forced her to have the baby and spirited her away to Canada, she hadn’t even had time to look through a baby book! One can only imagine how much admiration was flowing through the room as each of these three actors just seemed to work so well together, quickly bouncing from one high point quip to the next raw emotional low with ease. The chemistry was just so palpable, so I don’t doubt we’ll be seeing them matched up together again. And much like Franco, a fraction of the viewers watching were mostly concerned with Nina’s wellbeing; the unstable kidnapper was only in jail for a day before she began to spiral into pits of despair as we hadn’t seen before. He managed to get to the womens’ cell block to try to encourage her to never give up hope about getting out of jail. There was no way Franco wanted Nina to waste another two decades of her life. While Ava was rightfully feeling hopeless (I love her but do not sympathize with her. She’s had this coming for a while.), Nina later received a ray of sunshine in the form of Alexis Davis via her brother-cousin Nathan West. With her spirits a bit more reinvigorated, Nina got Alexis to promise to represent Franco too. How in the world they’ll escape these charges? Only God knows, but I hope that Franco and Nina are swiftly reunited so they can work on that perfect life together. Franco’s finally found someone he really wants to protect and Nina might actually be able to find someone who only sees her for herself, they have to get their twisted happy ending. Ava on the other hand needs to take a little time off to reflect. I heard Pentonville Penitentiary is great this time of year!

Love Square of Confusion

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? And who can we really trust? Though love is not quite the only emotion flying between Sam McCall, Jake Doe, Elizabeth Webber and Patrick Drake; there’s a dash of mistrust, a handful of resentment and lots, and lots of confusion. Ever the survivor, Sam made it her mission this week to let it be known that it was Jake who snatched her up, using her as a human shield and hostage in a standoff against the PCPD forces. Unfortunately, not many people were taking her evidence very seriously for all she had was a similarly sounding soundbite and a gut feeling, and a lot of them didn’t take too kindly to the accusation either. Elizabeth wouldn’t stand for it and confronted Sam about it throughout the week, defending Jake to the moon and back because she too had a feeling about him. Elizabeth’s feeling was a good one though that made her believe he could never be a criminal. I get that for Elizabeth, in real life it’s kind of crazy for her to be taking in this strange man so easily, but within the realm of Port Charles it makes sense that she feels this connection to Jake that sets her at ease. She’s a very empathetic person, not to mention there being no concrete evidence against Jake. But Sam was right when she told Elizabeth that she does not know this man, that even the man himself does not know himself, what he may be capable of and that she shouldn’t let her obvious love for him blind her. When it’s revealed that her assailant is actually her presumed dead husband, it’s going to send Sam into a whirlwind of emotions especially with her forgiving Patrick this week and choosing to move forward into possibly something more than just adventure buddies. Jake’s been having flashes of the abduction which leads me to believe that maybe the big reveal of his identity will be coming sooner rather than later. I doubt that Jake and Sam will gravitate to each other again, at least not instantly because of their marriage certificate, and definitely not just because he recently used her as a human shield. The writers at GH have always made it a point to state there was a difference between Jake and Jason Morgan. It was Jason Morgan that was in love and married to Sam, but it’s Jake Doe that’s been spending quality time with Elizabeth and falling for her. In any case, there’s sure to be a mountain of confusion building up against these four entwined people soon enough. I’d hate to think of how crazy Elizabeth will go once Ric Lansing comes back to life too…

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun! See you next week!

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