‘The Bay’ Chapter 14 Part 1 and 2 – I Will Follow You Into The Dark


The Emmy nominated series The Bay Chapter 14, Part 1 and 2 brought the return of familiar faces and resurfaced some old feelings as the death of a major character made its impact. The residents of Bay City will never be the same.

Disappearing Acts

Marley and Manny weren’t exactly the perfect couple. Their romance didn’t start out innocently by any means and sacrifices were made in order for them to be together. When we last saw them however, everything seemed for the most part to be fine. In fact, they were about to get married. This was the reason for Avery and Daniel’s arrival. They were there for the wedding. Oddly enough though neither Sara or Peter seem to know about the planned nuptials.

Sometimes things look good until you look beyond the surface. Marley is dead, the wedding rings found with her in her car, and Manny is missing. While Manny’s sister Janice and father worry about his whereabouts, the new online gossip magazine Bay City Uncensored reports that Manny has left the country with an unknown blond woman. I don’t know that Bay City Uncensored is that trustworthy of a source considering that it belongs to Nathan but Manny’s disappearance is suspicious.

We know that the night of Marley’s death Manny and she left a dinner party at the same time and that she was texting right before her car callided with Kenneth’s, sending her over the cliff. It is possible that Manny went off the cliff with Marley but his body hasn’t been found yet. But something seems very fishy.

The Funeral

Marley’s funeral brings a lot a familiar faces from The Bay’s past. It was a nice treat for fans to see a core character’s death used as a celebration of the character as well as the series’ history. Old friend Kenyatta returned for the funeral with news that he hasn’t talked to his cousin Tony, Marley’s ex-husband, in long time. It has something to do with Marley and Tony’s son RJ. Tony does shows up at the funeral with RJ and his jealous girlfriend Sammy, much to Avery’s annoyance.

Vivian returns which could mean some romantic complications for both Will and Peter. Will was in love with Vivian but she was in love with Peter. Peter is with Janice now but I get the feeling that their relationship is about to get rocky considering that Peter’s last conversation with Marley was a disagreement over the May-December relationship.

Lex’s ex-wife and Sara’s aunt Liza comes to the funeral too. She promises she is not there to cause any trouble. She is there for Marley. “Unlike some people I have class.” She tells Lex and Sara she forgives them for their affair but it seems as though what happened still stings.

Partners In Crime

Steve Jensen isn’t exactly a lovable guy. But I think he may have actually found his match in his new business partner Jo. She isn’t afraid to address him in a take charge manner, letting him know that their partnership is going to be one of equality. Even though she’s a madam of sorts, there is something post feminist about her. She wants to turn Steve’s business into a more “respectable” operation and chastises Steve’s treatment of women. She’ll either be the best thing to happen to Steve or his downfall.

Some other notable moments:

  • Damien gets a transplant from Marley. “One family’s loss is another family’s gain.”
  • Katherine believes their son’s transplant is a miracle.
  • Lex sits by Sara at the funeral and refuses to let Steve sit next to her.
  • Zoey has armed herself with a pink bottle of pepper spray.
  • Writer and creator Gregori Martin makes a cameo as Private Investigator Clark who provides John with the dirt on Sara and Steve’s faux marriage.
  • “You know Marley was a… she was such a strong confident girl. She inspired me and I don’t think I ever told her that,” Sara tells Avery.

What did you think of the episodes? What do think the big secret is regarding little RJ? What do think happened to Manny and Marley? Hit the comments to share your thoughts!

Chapter 14 Part 1

Chapter 14 Part 2

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