General Hospital Recaps: Olivia and Julian make strangely good bedfellows, Sam shares her dream with Patrick

Jake moves into Carly World

Out from under one chronic excuse giver (Elizabeth Webber) and now Jake Doe has found himself wound tightly with another. Carly Corinthos Jacks unknowingly restarted her best friendship with Jason Morgan this week, spending quality time with his new alter ego Jake around New Year’s. Since his return to town, we’ve mostly only seen Jake paired up with Elizabeth who was his nurse then housemate then finally potential love interest. But it was another return from the grave that shook up their easygoing routine. Ric Lansing came back to life on Christmas and imposed himself on his ex-wife which effectively pushed Jake right out of the picture. Because of Ric’s suggestive methods, Jake figured it really was time for him to go so he packed his things and left Elizabeth’s though his feelings for her were apparent.

Carly takes pity on the heartbroken puppy of a man, agreeing to give him another shot at a job at the Metro Court after bonding further over their distaste in Ric. In essence, it’s nice to see that CarlyScreenshot 2014-12-30 21.45.40 has someone to confide in again as everyone close to her has either been taken away or have taken themselves away from her but, at the same time we all know how Carly can be when it comes to her “best friend” Jason. Like watching a cat – a delusional cat – sink its claws into catnip, I sort of felt bad for Jake as Carly held nothing back. Where Sam’s candid moment with Patrick involving sex was delicious, listening to Carly groan about how good sex was with Jason and other things was just awkward. You can’t throw such a heavy load on a fragile minded man like that, even if it’s technically about him! My favorite part was when Carly criticized Elizabeth for turning a blind eye to the horrible things Ric’s done in the past because of how hypocritical it was coming from the queen of deflecting! Didn’t Carly just get out of lockup for turning a blind eye and trying to cover up Sonny’s crimes? Carly should have explained to Jake that she was a raging egomaniac who really only thought Elizabeth forgiving Ric made her mad because Ric had hurt her in the past. It’ll be interesting to see how Carly uses (and she will use it) her new bond with Jake Doe to her benefit in the coming weeks as she’s not only given him a job now, but also a permanent room in her hotel. Jason must really be something special in the sack because even with an entirely different head he’s getting nothing but freebies all over town!

Olivia goes back to her romantic roots

There should be a saying about the move and romance akin to “once you go black, you never go back.” If there was one of those, then I could validly reassure my heart that Olivia Falconeri and Julian Jerome might actually develop into a real couple, and not just one of convenience. It could just be me seeing it through my delusional goggles but there were sparks flying between the two of them at the Metro Court party.

Just two weeks ago I praised the storyline featuring the Olivia, Julian, Ned Ashton and Alexis Davis love quad and even made a firm decision to support Julexis and Nedlivia – or whatever their couple name is – but I already feel myself backtracking on that. Everything kicked off with the usual childish argument between Lord Ned and Julian but it was Olivia who broke it up this time, separating herself and Julian from the happy couple. For that entire night they wallowed in their sadness while pining over their respective loves from across the floor. Knowing how hotheaded Olivia can be, once she expressed her anger over Ava Jerome killing her cousin, I thought she’d storm off but insted the pair spent the entire night together and even shared a kiss; an extremely hot kiss at that! I was sold in that very moment.

Ned and Alexis are trying to recreate some ancient spark that’s clearly no longer there just so Alexis can pretend she doesn’t want Julian while Ned is just content with letting himself be used. They may not be the best people, but Julian and Olivia are good matches for those two and if they can’t realize that then why not get together? As a character, I’m starting to understand who Olivia is more and more with these new scenes and Julian, the once neutered dynamo, seems to be getting his mojo back when he’s with her. Olivia will probably never love another mobster again but I desperately want an actual couple to form from their adorable night in playing cards – and making out, so that we can see Olivia use not only her hot attitude but her LSD psychic visions as a head in Julian’s mob. If Olivia’s love life is the romantic comedy movie I likened it to before, imagine the added adorability once she’s thrust into an unlikely position! I’d pay to see that movie, for sure! Which couple are you rooting for in this love quad?

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!


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  1. I’m agree with you for the most part…Maxie and Nathan coma-inducing. You’re right Maxie/Kristen is too much for this begining actor to handle. I surprisingly loved Julian and Olivia, definite chemistry there, would like to see it developed. I didn’t mind carly and Jake. Carly is her usual delusion self and Jakeson came to her rescue, like he always does, with Ric. The one couple I don’t like are Sam and Patrick, just not my cup of tea, dont see the chemistry.

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