‘The Bay’ Chapter 14 Part 3 And 4 – Don’t Fear The Reaper


Just how evil is Steve Jensen? Evil enough to think it’s funny to open the casket of his deceased step-daughter so her young son can get one last look at her. The award winning series The Bay was not short on shocking moments as it ended it’s latest chapter. Hearts were broken, family secrets were revealed, lives were changed forever, and caskets were opened.

RIP Jeter

Marley’s death along with Manny’s mysterious disappearance hit just when things were looking perfect for supercouple Janice and Peter. As the pair were blissfully enjoying each other’s company, the lives of their families began to tragically spiral.

Janice is worried about her brother Manny. His body wasn’t found with Marley’s but he was last seen getting into the car with her. Then there is the added suspicion from a report by Bay City Uncensored stating that Manny has left the country with an unidentified woman. So is Manny dead or has he simply ran off? Is he a victim of tragic circumstances or did he do something unthinkable? His family doesn’t know and it’s the unknowing that is usually the hardest.

The weight of it all leads a drunken Janice to crash Marley’s funeral, angry that the Garretts are able to grieve while her family is stuck in limbo. For her it is an unfair situation and that she blames on the justice system’s favoritism towards the family of the mayor’s daughter. It’s understandable why she feels the way she does even if in this situation it isn’t exactly accurate.

Peter carries the angry Janice out of the church and once the lovers are alone all the guilt and anxiety they are feeling comes to surface. “I wish I could just take a mirror and hold it up in front of your face so that you could see how completely ridiculous you look right now,” Peter tells her. “Ridiculous? My brother is missing and nobody cares because they are too busy worried about the royal Garretts!”

Wanting to continue grieving the loss of his sister, Peter tells Janice to call a cab and go home. She accuses him of pushing her away, calling him a kid. “This is the end Janice. This is the end! It was short. It was sweet. And I’m glad as hell I found out how crazy you are before I got in too deep.”

Truth and Consequences

Janice isn’t the only interruption at Marley’s funeral. After John handed over evidence that Sara is responsible for the death of her grandfather, the police have no choice but to arrest Sara. The repercussions of Sara’s past have caught up to her. We don’t have all the details yet but Sara isn’t a person who intentionally does bad things. The mistakes she makes are usually the result of her painful past. It wouldn’t make sense that she would have killed a man in cold blood. There has to be more to this story.

Will Lex be able to save the woman he loves? With Sara’s confession as evidence, that may be a bit of a challenge but no doubt we will see him try. There is a great moment when he is looking at her from the other side of a two way mirror. He’s able to see her but she’s not able to see him.

Jack may have been able to keep his family’s dirty laundry hidden in the past but this time will be a lot different. Jack will not only have to try to keep his daughter free but he’ll also have to answer to a woman from his past. Sara’s mother Melody shows up and immediately asks “Where’s my daughter?”

John is the one behind Sara’s arrest. John had chosen to handle the sad situation with Damien with anger and vengeance while his wife Katherine chose faith and hope. It turns out light was the right choice instead of darkness. Katherine’s prayers were answered and a donor was found for Damien. The donor was Marley, the daughter of the woman John just destroyed. When Katherine informs John of this, the relation of his actions hits him like a ton of bricks. “What have done?”

Some other notable moments:

  • Daniel has been up to something no good but we’re not sure what.
  • Vivian still has feelings for Peter.
  • Sainty Nelson makes a cameo as a quirky mortician.
  • Lianna explaining to Will how all the branches on her family tree connect is hilarious and a nice wink at soap families.
  • We find out what the secret is surrounding RJ.
  • Ilene Kristen sings the song “Flesh and Blood” an original song she wrote in collaboration with David Spinozza.

What did you think of the episodes? Why do you think Sara did what she did and how do you think she’s going to get out of her current mess? Is it really over for Peter and Janice? Hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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