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General Hospital Recaps: Olivia and Julian make strangely good bedfellows, Sam shares her dream with Patrick


General Hospital had another short week due to holiday pre-emptions, and it felt that way too. There wasn’t too much going on plot wise but the few things that did happen relationship wise felt like a nice set up, a sort of starting point to get fresh romantic storylines rolling in the New Year. Let’s take a look at some of the love 2015 awakened with its arrival in Port Charles!

Pretty literally hurts for Maxie and Nathan

From their gym toned bodies to cute as a button faces, Maxie Jones and Nathan West are two of General Hospital’s most visually appealing couples. There’s no doubt that every time they pop up on screen that something gorgeous is going to happen (it’s okay to include Maxie’s fabulous wardrobe as one of her physical features, right?) but sometimes beauty isn’t enough to carry a scene which is something I found extremely jarring this week.

Maxie is a dynamic character played by an equally captivating actress while Nathan is a boring character played by an ever improving new actor – so why pair them up? Watching Nathan and Maxie’s lines of communication constantly twist up for an entire week was grating in every sense of the word, it really made me feel that maybe they were matched just for their looks alone. Maxie had traveled to Portland to see her daughter Georgie for Christmas after the judge lifted his ban. We got to see a different less manic side to Maxie as she interacted with Georgie and Spinelli, but it was right back into full swing once that week flashed by in a day and she had to get home to see Nathan for New Year’s Eve.

There wasn’t really anything enthralling about their interactions, in fact it just felt like nothing more than sick fluffy filler and after wiping away the drool from my mouth when they finally got together and hit the sheets, I realized there barely ever was anything exciting about them. Even while mixing up their travel plans, crisscrossing the country using every means possible, I still wanted nothing more than to fast forward through these scenes. And I’m a big lover of hijinks! When Maxie was with Damien Spinelli, that was a hot issue, they were opposites on every single front from personality to looks but this Nathan West’s personality is far too agreeable and common for his spitfire girlfriend. Maxie needs a challenge and I don’t think Nathan will be that for her. I know I’m in the minority but I do hope that this relationship fizzles out, at least give Nathan some time on his own to really figure out himself. I’d much rather watch Nathan struggle with discovering more about his background and trying to find a way to fit in a family chock full of women with questionable sanity.

Sam confesses to her liquid dreams

Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.26.59Though it was a quick flash, lodged somewhere in the heartfelt New Year’s Eve chats between Patrick Drake and Sam McCall, her admission about dreaming about all things NC-17 with her once adventure buddy was a big stand out. When I say that my jaw was hanging to the floor, it is not an exaggeration! This week we saw Sam and Patrick finally admitting to their feelings for one another, feelings they had clearly tried to ignore but couldn’t when it culminated in a nice kiss a week ago. Though they both value their friendship and don’t want to tarnish it, it’d be impossible to move forward after that just as friends.

That friendship element in their budding relationship is really helping move things along at a believably quick pace. Using the comfort Sam feels with Patrick, she was able to admit that she was both ready to jump into bed with him but not before filling him in on her dream that he starred in back in Amsterdam. Let alone the fact that soap opera dream sequences are hardly referenced in the dialogue, the fact that a woman was able to so easily admit that she did get a little excited around her sexy friend and wanted to make it a reality was just so cool; the subtly in the way Sam expressed it was just the best part.

I just love everything about this couple because they can play hard but they’re unbelievably soft with one another at the same time, like an emotional cushion whenever it gets too tough. Yes, Sam did brood for a bit when she found that Patrick kept the secret about Jason’s “second” death but her forgiveness wasn’t drawn out, it played realistically. Sam obviously missed that comfort that Patrick provides. I think their progression into lovers’ territory in general has been realistically written for two people who have experienced two kinds of losses in their love lives. I do hope that they aren’t ripped apart too soon though. With Jake Doe’s memory’s return nowhere in sight and the prickly reaction he gets whenever he’s in the couple’s vicinity (well, he’s a criminal even if he’s a forgetful one), I doubt Sam will be running back to her husband any time soon. Do you subscribe to everything that is SamTrick too?

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  1. I’m agree with you for the most part…Maxie and Nathan coma-inducing. You’re right Maxie/Kristen is too much for this begining actor to handle. I surprisingly loved Julian and Olivia, definite chemistry there, would like to see it developed. I didn’t mind carly and Jake. Carly is her usual delusion self and Jakeson came to her rescue, like he always does, with Ric. The one couple I don’t like are Sam and Patrick, just not my cup of tea, dont see the chemistry.

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