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General Hospital Spoilers: January 5, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sonny learns that he’s a father again, Michael takes on a new project, Lulu is surprise to bump into a familiar face, Fluke has a request for Carlos, Bobbie discloses a secret. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 5, 2015.

Spencer Family Secrets

Bobbie and Fluke have a tense encounter over someone from their past. Later, Fluke makes a mysterious call about a problem that needs to be fixed. After Fluke pays his prisoner in the basement a visit, Luke has a gut feeling about the impostor. Does he figure out the identity of his doppleganger? Fluke updates Helena about their latest concerns. Meanwhile, Fluke continues to be disturbed about Luke’s family history. What kind of skeletons are hanging in the Spencer family closet?

Fluke meets with Carlos and has an assignment for him however, Carlos is hesitate about fulfilling the request. After discovering that his plan with Carlos has been disrupted, Fluke tries to hide his anger from Tracy. Later, Fluke makes a visit to someone.

Michael tells Bobbie that he wants to turn her childhood home into the AJ Quartermaine Clinic. Later he enlists Ned’s help with the new project. Bobbie takes Michael to their old home and while there she accidentally reveals a family secret to her grandson.

It’s Aways Sonny In Pentonville

Sonny is left unsettled when he learns about Johnny’s plan for the mob. Later Sonny encounters a new prisoner and is curious as to why this person is behind bars. Will Sonny come to an enemy’s aid?

Sonny learns from Morgan that he is the father of Ava’s baby. Meanwhile, Ava prepares to be transferred to Pentonville but she names her baby girl before she departs.

Also this week

Anna fills Dante in on some news; meanwhile, Lulu has a surprise reunion with someone from her past. Later, Dante and Nathan have a warning for Johnny.

After their crazy New Year’s Eve, Maxie and Nathan continue to enjoy each other’s company. Later, Maxie and Lulu dish about their relationships.

Olivia confides in Carly about her attempt to make Ned jealous. Opposite this, Tracy calls out Ned for having feelings for both Olivia and Alexis.

Sam tells her cousin Nikolas her theory about Jake. Later, Sam questions Obrecht about what she knows about the masked man.

  • Carly and Jake continue to bond when he opens up to her about his memory flashes.
  • Carly suggests to Jake that he seek counseling.
  • Julian makes a confession to Anna.
  • Sloane gives a heads up to Anna about Johnny.
  • Ned and Alexis assess their relationship.
  • Nikolas catches Helena in a compromising moment on the phone.
  • During an awkward meeting, Elizabeth second guesses her feeling.

Source Sneak Peek: January 12

Michael asks Lucas if he would be interested in running the new clinic. Jake gets a new assignment. Dante is upset when he finds Lulu and Johnny together. What were the results of the mayoral election?

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  1. Lulu meets Johnny, I can’t wait to see them together! I hope that means Johnny is out of Pentonville. I love Lulu and Dante but a little Lante angst will be welcomed.

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