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General Hospital Spoilers: February 2, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Helena reassures Fluke, Nathan and Dante find themselves in danger, Elizabeth and Sam try to warn their loved ones, Nina has a realization about her new friend. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 2, 2015.

Villains and Heroes

Fluke rejoices in the impending devastation that is about to happen aboard the Haunted Star while Helena prevents her grandson Prince Nikolas from boarding. After a showdown takes place, in Bond villain fashion, Fluke reveals the danger about to happen. As time is running out, an unlikely hero emerges in order to attempt to save the guests. Nikolas lashes out at Helena, threatening her life. Helena tells Fluke not to worry about their latest predicament, as she has an ace in the whole to get them out.

Meanwhile, Dante remains in jeopardy. Before long, Nathan learns that his partner is in trouble and rushes to help him. Nathan and Dante race to save their lives.

After Luke storms off, Bobbie and Tracy are confused by his behavior. Tracy goes off in search of her husband and finds something very shocking instead. Afterwards, she unloads on Ned about her flabbergasting discovery.

Later, Agent Sloane and Nathan supervise a search for one of the bodies aboard the Haunted Star. Nathan informs Tracy and Ned of his suspicions about Luke. Nathan turns to Liesl for help in solving the Fluke case.

Also this week

Sam grills Jake about the latest incident, but he claims that he does not remember. Jake suddenly has flashes of memories that lead him to remember what is about to happen on the Haunted Star. How will he respond to the knowledge? Later, Sam updates Patrick on what she has learned about Jake.

Julian, Sonny, Ava and Franco learn that breaking out is hard to do when they find their lives in peril. Ava will make a last ditch effort to save her own life. Meanwhile, Nina quickly realizes that Heather may not be the friend that she thought. Will Franco do the unimaginable in order to rescue Nina? Due to the most recent turn of events, Franco and Nina make a pact.

  • Johnny and Carlos’s plan gets diverted.
  • Elizabeth and Sam try to warn their loved ones about the danger aboard the Haunted Star.
  • Lucas and Michael learn some news.
  • Lulu discovers some troubling information about her father.
  • Sloane and Julian make a bargain.
  • Fluke is close to getting caught.
  • After learning what happened to Julian, Alexis is worried.
  • Julian explains everything to Alexis.
  • Morgan and Kiki are taken aback by a devastating revelation.
  • Sabrina arrives home to unexpected visitors.
  • Sonny receives an unforeseen surprise that does not bode well with Michael.
  • Sloane delivers some bad news.

Source Sneak Peek: February 9

Nina is determined to stay by Franco’s side. Kiki seeks some legal guidance from Alexis. An old friend from Bensonhurst pays Olivia a surprise visit. Julian encourages Lucas to take a risk on love.

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