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General Hospital Spoilers: January 12, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Julian and Sonny put their sons at risk, Michael overs Rosalie a job, Jake prepares to carry out Helena’s new orders, Anna’s job is at stake. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 12, 2015.

Ballot Boxing

What were the results of the mayoral election? We take a look back at the nefarious activities that lead up to the runoff with Felicia Scorpio and incumbent Mayor Janice Lomax. Since election night, the ballot box from one polling place has been missing. Police receive a tip on where the ballot box can be found. Turns out various Port Charles residents have played a part in rigging the election results. Once the ballot box is recovered, the official vote count is announced. Who will be the mayor of Port Charles?

Sins of the Father

Julian updates Sonny that Fluke is continuing to masquerade as Luke leading Sonny to wonder if the real Luke is even alive. Sonny instructs Shawn to follow Fluke in order to determine his true identity. Shawn spies on Fluke, while Fluke senses their might be an intruder lurking about. As Julian points out to Sonny, if Shawn isn’t careful their sons will pay the price.

Meanwhile, Michael explains to Fluke that he would like to turn his childhood home into a clinic. Later, Michael asks Lucas if he would be interested in running his new clinic. Michael also offers his new gal pal Rosalie a job at ELQ. Rosalie is urged by someone to get Michael out of the old Spencer house.

Also this week

Sam tells Carly that she thinks Jake is working with Helena. Meanwhile, Helena gives the brainwashed Jake another assignment. As Jake and Carly continue to bond he hides some evidence from her. As Jake prepares to carry out Helena’s latest task, Elizabeth interrupts.

After a some persuasion, Nikolas joins forces with Helena. Later, he questions Helena about her underling and business partner. Will Nikolas discover the truth?

Patrick encourages Sam to let go of her obsession with the masked man. They agree to pick up their new romance where it left off on New Year’s. Sam and Patrick prepare for their romantic date, unaware that someone else is there.

  • Fluke has a warning for Johnny.
  • Anna encourages Jordan not to blow her cover.
  • Sloane questions Dante and Nathan about Anna’s confidential informant.
  • Johnny has a business proposal for Lulu.
  • Dante finds Johnny and Lulu talking and rips into him.
  • Tracy tells Lulu about the fight she had with Fluke when she brought up his past.
  • Lulu tells Tracy some news about Johnny that does not sit right with Tracy.
  • Anna’s job is on the line.
  • Nikolas studies the ELQ stocks.
  • Maxie and Nathan discuss their living arrangements.
  • Anna confronts Sloane about the election results

Source Sneak Peek: January 19

Fluke invites Lucas and Michael to the Spencer house. Lulu offers Morgan a job. Nina has a new friend at Shadybrook.

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