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General Hospital Spoilers: January 19, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sonny and Julian work together to take down Luke, Shawn has trouble completing his assignment, Lucas makes a discovery, Sam and Patrick have a romantic night in. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of January 19, 2015.

A Study In Fluke

Sonny and Julian learn who is in league with Fluke and also discover who owns the Spencer childhood home. Sonny shares his theory about Fluke with Julian along with an idea about how to get to the truth. Will Sonny be able to reach Michael and warn him about Fluke? Or will a call from Fluke threatening Julian and Sonny’s sons put a dapper on plans? Sonny attempts to turn the tables on Fluke by sharing with him his theory about his real identity. Sonny and Julian start to execute their latest plan to protect their sons from Fluke. Will their plan go uninterrupted?

Shawn’s attempt to enter the basement where Fluke is holding Luke gets interrupted. Later Shawn receives a restraining order further hindering his investigation. Sonny suggests a new strategy and after updating Duke, Shawn moves forward with Sonny’s latest request before realizing he is being followed.

Carly’s happiness upon learning that Michael and Lucas will be working together leaves Michael affected. Meanwhile, Lucas finds something on the pier and pockets it. Fluke invites Lucas and Michael to the Spencer house to share a surprise with them. Fluke fills them in on his ideas for the Waterfront project. Later on, Fluke pays another visit to Luke.

Also this week:

While Johnny gloats, Dante and Lulu argue over her business relationship with Johnny. Later, Lulu talks to Olivia about her argument with Dante. How much of a strain will Lulu’s ex put on her marriage to Dante?

Jake sees someone from his past that could send his deadly assignment off course. His memory is triggered testing his capabilities of completing his task. In the interim, Helena begins to worry when she hasn’t heard from Jake. The next day, Jake has very little memory of the night before. After Carly uncovers something suspicious in his things, she decides they need to get answers.

Sam and Patrick enjoy a romantic evening together unaware of the dangerous situation with Jake. Later, Sam wakes up to discover that something is missing from her house.

  • Nikolas questions Luke about the recent change in him.
  • Dante and Nathan have an honest discussion about the status of their relationships.
  • Alexis senses something is amiss with Sam.
  • Nina opens up to a new friend at Shadybrook.
  • Ava awakens from a nightmare to find that someone is cryptically watching over her.
  • Lulu offers Morgan a job.
  • Kiki and Dante discuss parenthood.
  • Johnny runs into Maxie at the Haunted Star and learns about her daughter.
  • Shawn finally confronts Jordan about his suspicions about her.


Source Sneak Peek: January 26

Bobbie, Lulu and Lucas honor the anniversary of their Aunt Ruby’s death. Franco, Julian, Sonny and Ava form an unholy alliance. The Haunted Star hosts the clinic party but will the party be a disaster?

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