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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy Confronts Caroline, Wyatt Returns & Katie Gets Her Ring


It’s officially February sweeps and The Bold and the Beautiful refuses to disappoint. Keeping their foot on the gas from what was the best January on any soap, last week proved that it was just the beginning. There was romance, there was scheming and there was more than one confrontation that had me glued to my TV.

Just Like That

With a snap of a finger, everything can change. At least that’s what Brooke tried to warn Caroline of. That if she really wanted to, she could have Ridge back in her bed faster than Caroline could blink. This declaration rattled Caroline but it didn’t take too long before she was asserting that she wouldn’t let anyone tell her that her and the Dress Maker couldn’t make a real go of it. It helped a little that Brooke was coming off more as trying to control this mess of a situation than she was genuinely interested in being with Ridge again. Brooke’s bravado notwithstanding, there were no lies told from her as she broke down the way in which Ridge operates and the many women who have fallen for it over the years. Ridge has entirely too many notches in his belt for anyone to believe that Caroline will be the last one. Leave it to Brooke to prove her theory by setting things in motion to lure her ex-husband back to her. Still, if Brooke’s warnings didn’t seem to shake Caroline’s faith in her future with Ridge, his daughter’s sure would, right?

After getting a second hand account of the turmoil within the walls of Forrester, Steffy decided to peek in to take a look for herself. Her first stop was her father’s latest infatuation. Caroline could barely get out the word “Hello” before Steffy was in her face about their relationship and their age difference. Ok so, after getting over my initial distraction with having Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Linsey Godfrey in a scene together (that much pretty is just wrong), it occurred to me that Steffy wasn’t only learning French in Paris, she was also learning hypocrisy. Judging Caroline for wanting a man twice her age when it wasn’t too long ago that Steffy tried to take a ride on the Spencer Stallion does not a good argument make. Neither was the idea that Ridge had to take his grown children’s feelings into consideration when it came to his personal life. Which is pretty much what Ridge told his daughter after she made her way across the hall. This whole thing is shaping up to be one of those teenage rebellion things where the more you tell someone they shouldn’t do something, the more they want to. Like sneaking off to a hidden loft to recreate a scene from the Titanic. If Caroline is indeed Rose to Ridge’s Jack, we might all want to brace ourselves for impact. Speaking of impact, did I mention Steffy blurted out to Liam that she was still in love with him? Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

A little clarity goes a long way for $Bill Spencer. The woman he’s been neighing at for over a year takes a trip to Spaghetti City and suddenly he realizes what he wants was right in front of him all along. Those weren’t his exact words, but pretty close as he proposed to Katie for a second time. Promising that this time, his devotion would be to her and Will for the rest of his life. Bill wasn’t alone when he made this promise. He also brought the freaking Rock Of Gibraltar to place on Katie’s finger. She seemed a little shocked at first but didn’t hesitate as she gave him the answer he wanted to hear. Part of me wants to really buy into this. The other part still sees flashes of 2013 in my dreams. But even after all of that, I have never once doubted that Bill is the love of Katie’s life. Even while apart, I could always tell that if given a real reason, she would take him back eventually. Bill supplied part of that reason, Katie sought out the other part from her big sister.

Like me, I don’t think Katie knew what Brooke’s reaction would be after she showed her that monster of a ring on her finger. Would she be happy? And if so would it be forced or genuine? And even if it was genuine, how long would it last? None of those were the questions Katie asked though. Instead she simply wanted to know if Brooke was still in love with Bill. If she regretted doing what she did when she left for Italy. Brooke made a sisters promise that she would never come between them again and she meant it. Whether or not she’ll mean it a few months down the line is still anyone’s guess. Brooke doesn’t appear to want Bill back. She also doesn’t appear to want Deacon back either regardless of Quinn’s threats. There also doesn’t seem to be a genuine motive to getting back with Ridge either. So the question is after all the men in Brooke’s life choose other women, which one will she have a change of heart about?

You Don’t Own Me

If I’m being honest, I haven’t once found myself missing the character of Hope Logan since she left. I have however missed Wyatt Spencer. So his return this week was much to my delight. The fact that he came back with a chip on his shoulder the size of a boulder was even better. He’s disdain for Quinn was just as strong as it ever was when they saw each other for the first time in months. He was also very short with Deacon (which I didn’t quite understand) as he let them know that he and Hope were still on the outs. Quinn’s approach to this news was a complete turnabout to what it was last fall. She didn’t push Wyatt to keep fighting. She didn’t tell him to back off. She just kind of gave him something to think about and do with it what he would. “Maybe you put too high a value on her and maybe she put too low a value on you” has to be the line of the week. Simply because the entire audience has been saying this since the moment Hope decided to date Liam and Wyatt at the same time. You could tell that Wyatt knew what Quinn was saying was true although he would never admit it.

And really he didn’t have time to before walking in the minefield at Forrester Creations. Before Wyatt could barely get in the door, Rage Rick was berating him for being gone from work for so long. Completely ignoring the fact that Wyatt had lost a child, Rick’s nephew. Flexing his CEO muscle yet again but this time to the wrong person. When a person is at their lowest, there is very little crap they are willing to deal with. This was on full display when he pushed back on Rick’s demands and heartless approach. Plenty of people have been giving it to Rick just as much as he’s been dishing it out, but to me it felt like Wyatt was the first person to actually have an effect on him. The look on Rick’s face when Wyatt quit was one of shock and dare I say, fear? It was like Rick realized that despite his title, the people that work at Forrester are still very much needed to make him look good. Lucky for him Wyatt’s resignation doesn’t appear to longstanding now that he’s been brought up to speed on operation Hostile Takeover by Liam and Bill.

B&B is just overall good soap right now. Miss a day, miss a lot. Tune in this week as Quinn presses Deacon, Brooke carries out her plan and Steffy faces off with Rick!

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