General Hospital Recap: Pentonville proves easy to escape, Fluke goes Psycho

Soulja Boy can’t tell ‘em

What’s going on? Helena Cassadine’s precious hulk of a man was not in peak form this week. Every day has just gotten worse and worse for Jake Doe since Robin Scorpio popped onto the scene as his inner conscious; flashes of his past, weakened link with Helena, passing out in the freezing cold, it all seems to be leading up to Jake finally reawakening as Jason Morgan again. But will he be the same Jason that everyone knows and loves? As of late, Jake is sure that he’s the gunman who took Sam Morgan hostage at PCPD after Carly Corinthos-Jacks found an illegal weapon in his duffel bag and a ski mask. They both want to get down to the bottom of these suspicions, but like always, Carly is hoping for the very best for a pretty much confessed criminal.

They both make their way to Dr. Kevin Collins’ office, hoping to get the rundown of their session together to maybe piece together why Jake has been losing so much time. It’s there in the office that Carly reveals she found a burner phone full of calls from an unknown number. Jake can’t recall who it was that called him and that frustrates him, wondering if it’s best that he just picks up and starts anew somewhere else. Carly convinces him to stay though as she thinks he’s here for a reason, that there’s something in Port Charles to help Jake get back to himself. Almost as soon as Carly steps out of the office to find the shrink, Jake’s phone rings and it’s of course Helena. She activates him for his next mission. When Carly returns with Kevin, Jake is nowhere to be found. Through expressing her worries, the conversation naturally turns to Jake’s last session with Kevin to which he denies ever having and not for doctor-patient confidentiality reasons. The pair of them go through logs but the times don’t match up as Kevin remembers being out of the office at that time. Carly’s worries mount and she states that she fears that Jake, who seems like a good guy, might be up to something bad but with someone else behind the wheel of his mind. She promises to turn him in if he really is a criminal.

Helena meets with Jake at the cemetery and berates him for leaving Sam and Patrick Drake alive; they should have been easy targets for him! Jake explains that someone stopped him but Helena deduces that it was a hallucination of Robin Scorpio, a “chatty” someone of no importance to him. As Jake explains that he had flashes of memories seeing certain things in Sam’s apartment, Helena realizes that it was a mistake to send him there and orders him to forget it all. When she gives him the next mission, it seems that Jake is actually against it but begins to get severe headaches as he tries to defy his mistress. In the end, he succumbs to her wishes and we see him ambush a server at Fluke’s Haunted Star party and assume his role for the night. Once on board, Jake plants a bomb behind the bar according to Helena and Fluke’s wishes.

Meanwhile, Carly has showed up at PCPD to report Jake to Dante Falconeri but finds Nathan West instead. She didn’t want to tell him since he’d been directly involved but she can’t help but talk as always and unloads everything onto the cop, fearing for Jake but also for anyone he may hurt. She hands over the duffel bag of evidence so the gun could get tested and of course, it comes back positive as the very gun that shot Nathan during the police shootout. Carly explains that Jake’s been having memory lapses this entire time but Nathan still has to arrest him, armed with a warrant he heads over to the Haunted Star to do just that. After discovering her missing phoenix at Lucas’ house, Sam deduces that it was Jake who stole it from her place and heads to PCPD to file a report. She meets Carly and learns of the nature of her police visit just as Jake arrives to the station in handcuffs. When Jake is brought in for interrogation, Sam slips in to make sure she gets her answers first.

I can say I was honestly surprised seeing Carly do the right thing this week. To anyone who has even watched GH for a short period of time like I have, we all know that Carly is a little iffy when it comes to making good decisions especially when it involves a handsome man with a shifty background. For the last few weeks, she’s been more judgmental than ever, berating anyone for saying something negative about this complete stranger she had a hunch about. Apparently all it took was cold hard evidence to change her story, and if it hadn’t, I would have worried Carly was more delusional than I could have imagined. Sam is still my favorite part of this storyline as not only is she the only one thinking with common sense but she’s taking charge, not letting anyone get in the way of her want for security. Jake is definitely dangerous no matter how hot he is, and Sam is going to make sure he doesn’t harm anyone else. Well, at least no one else that’s not aboard the ship rigged to explode, it might be too late for them.

Screenshot 2015-01-31 00.00.58Fluke…

Just when you think it’s over and you’ve gotten everything figured out, there’s another unwanted curveball flying directly at your face. This is the story of Fluke and the fans of General Hospital. Fluke was all over Port Charles this week as he set his master plan in motion. After teasing Luke Spencer about it in the Spencer house basement, he goes to meet the Spencer family in the cemetery to commemorate Aunt Ruby on the anniversary of her death. He runs into Dante Falconeri first, wondering what the cop is doing there, unaware that he’d just met with Jordan Ashford at the Bill Eckert grave dig site and that she’d warned him that Fluke was not Luke at all. Suspicions rise but are cut short when Lucas Jones, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri and Bobbie Spencer show up to celebrate in Ruby’s name. Dante’s clearly curious, wondering if Ruby was directly related to Bill Eckert but Bobbie denies that, explaining that Bill is from their mother’s side and Ruby was her and Luke’s father’s sister. After Bobbie gives a moving speech, everyone disperses, planning to meet up at the Haunted Star later. Fluke stays behind and notices Bill’s grave has been dug up, he rages, instantly suspecting Dante who had been there with no real reason. Helena appears to calm him, assuring him that if Dante is suspicious of anything in the old Spencer house; it’s no worry as she’s used her connections to the mayor to get the place condemned so no one can get in. Fluke instead worries about Jake Doe and his recent failures, wanting his explosive plan to go off without a hitch.

Later, Fluke shows up at the Spencer house anyway just in time to catch Dante breaking into the condemned building. They have an argument about the officer’s suspicions until Dante admits that he fears that his real father-in-law is in danger in the basement. They get into a tussle that leads to Fluke getting the upper hand and throwing Dante down the basement steps, knocking him out cold in front of a shocked Luke. While taunting him about the bomb on the Haunted Star, Fluke straps one directly to Luke before heading out to the party. Dante begins to come to a little later, calling out for Luke who doesn’t respond and it isn’t until his vision finally clears that he notices it’s a corpse in the chair with a bomb strapped to it. But where’s Luke Spencer? I had such a non-reaction to this big reveal at the end of the week. Maybe it’s that I’m so exhausted with the story because thinking of it objectively, it’s a great soapy twist! Is Fluke actually Luke Spencer? Is the corpse actually Bill Eckert’s? Maybe Fluke even switched out Luke before Dante awoke, stashing him somewhere else. There are a lot of possibilities still floating with this story considering that the perpetrators are seemingly omnipotent devils with bottomless pockets. They could pay for anything to get done before anyone notices. My main gripe is that it’s taken this long for Fluke to really get his hands dirty and it was in such a minute way. Everyone in Port Charles feared him like the coming of Satan but all he did was push Dante down the steps when his back was turned. Hopefully this isn’t another fakeout and is the real climax of the Fluke storyline coming to an end as I’ve had enough!

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun! See you next week!