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General Hospital Spoilers: February 9, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sam and Patrick’s Valentine’s Day plans are delayed, Kiki seeks some legal advice, Helena offers Tracy a deal, Nathan and Maxie find themselves at odds. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 9, 2015.

Love Actually

In a special Valentine’s Day episode, Baby Daddy stars Derek Theler and Melissa Peterman stop by Port Charles! An old friend of Olivia’s from Bensonhurst makes a surprise visit. While the gal pals get caught up, Ned and Alexis share an intense Valentine’s Day dinner. Is there trouble in paradise already? Patrick and Sam’s date gets delayed when he is called away at the last minute. While waiting for Patrick to arrive, Sam strikes up a conversation with Patrick’s colleague Derek. Meanwhile, Julian encourages Lucas to take a risk on love.

Nathan searches for Carlos and Johnny while Maxie is torn on whether or not to help a friend in need. Maxie makes an upsetting confession to Nathan. Due to the predicament, the couple is at odds with each other leading Nathan to question his next move. Later, Maxie is astonished by someone’s admission.

Morgan comforts Kiki after she gets some disturbing news. Later, they receive a unexpected visitor. Kiki quickly unravels what someone’s intentions are regarding baby Avery. Realizing how much she has grown attached to her little sister, she is worries about Avery’s future and meets with Alexis to get some legal guidance.

Also this week

Helena and Fluke strategize how to get out of their latest predicament. Helena recognizes an opportunity and proposes a deal to Tracy. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Lulu turn to Nikolas in order to find out the details of Helena’s latest scheme. Lulu also rallies Scott to make an arrangement. Lulu is having misgivings about her father while Nikolas puts the pressure on Helena to come clean. How will Sloane mysteriously play a hand in Helena’s twisted plot?

Sonny is shocked by the latest turn of events, which cause Michael to be furious. Michael turns to Alexis for legal advice while Carly pays Sonny a visit. Carly and Sonny’s reunion is somewhat awkward as she is still cold towards him after having been pushed away.

  • Sam continues to question Jake’s latest actions, while Elizabeth confronts Jake about the truth regarding Sam.
  • Nina is determined to stay by Franco’s side.
  • Olivia runs into Ned and the tension between the two of them begins to lighten up.
  • Julian and Alexis share a tender moment.
  • Ric has a plan for Jake.
  • Elizabeth has it out with Ric once she learns about his motivations for Jake.
  • Nathan is grilled by an assistant DA about a suspicious break in.

Source Sneak Peek: February 16

Olivia shares some news with Ned. Carly tries to get Michael to drop his latest attempt to bring down Sonny. Anna returns with a surprise for Sloane. Nikolas takes matters into his own hands regarding Helena.

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