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General Hospital Spoilers: March 2, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, it’s full steam ahead in the battle for baby Avery, Franco and Nina continue their scheme, Ava’s wake commences, Sam asks Nikolas for answers regarding Jake. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 2, 2015.

Baby of Mine

As Avery’s custody hearing goes underway, Michael goes through a tough interrogation. Meanwhile, Julian lets Sonny know that he is back in business and also warns Michael that he will step into the custody battle if Avery is continued to be used as a pawn. However, a new twist in the custody hearing is revealed. Alexis is suspicious of Michael’s latest ruse in court. Carly figures out what Michael has set up, but will she be too late to stop him? The judge makes a ruling in Avery’s custody case. Carly tries to convince Sonny not to take extreme measures in regards to Avery.

Also this week:

Morgan asks Sonny if he can take Avery to a memorial for Ava. Meanwhile, Kiki informs Silas of the memorial details. Ava’s wake begins.

Franco has a revelation for Nina that displeases her. Later, they are interrupted by a visitor while they move forward with their plan. Will Franco and Nina decide to team up with an unlikely person?

Elizabeth opens up to Jake about the status of her relationship with Ric. Meanwhile, Sloane has a proposition for the soldier boy but there is a catch. Jake will get help from Carly in deciding if it’s worth the risk.

Sam asks Nikolas if he ever overheard Helena reveal any information that could help in finding Jake’s true identity. Will Nikolas reveal what he knows?

Bobbie and Scott discuss Luke’s crossover to an even darker side. Tracy reveals to Monica her fears about her husband. Later, some new information about the Spencer family is revealed and may help produce answers.

  • Olivia opens up to Dante about her unexpected pregnancy.
  • Julian crosses paths with a former foe, who suggests they team up again.
  • Silas helps reveal a truth.
  • Maxie is taken aback by Spinelli’s actions.
  • Morgan gets instructions from Sonny on how to proceed next.
  • Nathan is upfront with Maxie about their relationship.

Source Sneak Peek: March 9

Anna has a warning for Port Charlies’ mobsters. Tracy and Lulu continue to look into the Spencer family’s past. Shawn becomes suspicious of Jordan. Jake asks Sam for a favor.

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