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General Hospital Spoilers: March 16, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Jordan is tested, Sonny meets Jake, Cameron makes a confession, Lucy and Sabrina talk about the Nurse’s Ball, Ava asks Silas for a favor . Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 16, 2015.

Loyalties and Lies

Duke tests Jordan’s loyalty to the mob which could spell trouble for the under-cover agent. Anna shares her fears regarding Jordan’s safety with Nathan. Luckily, Nathan has a plan to protect Jordan’s cover. Meanwhile, Duke and Lucy discuss how to proceed with their relationship. Is romance in the cards for the devious duo?

Julian welcomes a new member to his organization. Later, Sonny finally comes face to face with Jake and learns about his new position. Carly fills Sonny in on Jake’s motives.

Things we lost in the fire

Elizabeth opens up to Patrick about her relationship status. Later, Carly shares some news with Jake that could affect his relationship to Elizabeth. Cameron is upset and confesses to him mother about what happened the night of the fire. Jake comforts Elizabeth and they share a close moment. Later, they are surprised by a visitor.

With uncertainty whether or not his scars might be permanent, Spencer is in a melancholy. The young prince is determined to find out who is responsible for what happened at his party. Will he learn who started the fire?

Also this week:

Maxie makes a confession to Nathan about her feelings and seeks counsel once again from Lulu on her dating dilemma. Later, Nathan has an ultimatum for Spinelli. Spinelli agrees to the offer but only under one condition. Will Nathan go to extremes to stop Spinelli from interfering with his relationship with Maxie?

Privately, both Franco and Nina make admissions to Scott and Alexis. As a result, the crazy in love lovebirds are forced to make difficult choices.

Lucy and Sabrina discuss the Nurses Ball. Later, Kiki is not pleased when she learns of Sabrina’s latest job. Meanwhile, Sabrina overhears Rosalie sharing some ELQ information with someone on the phone.

As Lulu prepares to leave, Tracy arrives with an update on Luke’s sister Pat. Lulu and Tracy meet a relative of Luke’s, hoping they can provide information about his past.

  • Sam circles back with Nikolas, and asks him what he wanted to tell her during her last visit.
  • Molly comforts Ric.
  • Sonny and Spinelli confide with each other at the boxing gym.
  • Ava asks Silas for a favor.
  • Duke lets Michael have it about his true intentions to seek custody of Avery.
  • Julian orders a hit.
  • Ric is determined to do something about Jake.
  • Morgan and Kiki come up with a plot to take down Michael.

Source Sneak Peek: March 23

Ned and Michael are concerned about ELQ. Ric is confident about his recent plot. Sam witnesses a touching moment between Patrick and Danny. Luke seeks answers.

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