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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Maya Comes Clean, Brooke Struggles To Stay Clean


Last week The Bold and the Beautiful offered up lots of answers to the questions we were left with after quite the bombshell revelation. Did the answers suffice? And if you thought Brooke’s pity party couldn’t get any worse, you were mistaken. Self-Evaluation

That’s what Brooke told Katie she was doing with herself since she’s been back from Milan. Not very truthful but this storyline is nothing if not riddled with holes. After quite possibly the worst sponsor in AA history helped dump out all the alcohol in her house, Brooke seemed to be turning a corner. It looked like maybe her storyline would finally begin to either A) make some sense or B) be scrapped altogether. Personally I was rooting for the latter. All it took was a dinner date with her sister Katie for all of that hope to be dashed. Brooke sat on the floor playing with her Egg Foo Young and attempted to make small talk. Unfortunately not knowing her sister was now a full-fledged alcoholic, Katie poured two glasses a wine to enjoy while they caught up. I’m just going to skip over the fact that I still am not thrilled with them being all sisterly again but at least Katie is actually checking on Brooke which is more than I can say for the rest of her family. Their interactions to me are still extremely awkward. Even more so with Brooke practically salivating while watching Katie sip her wine. In between the weirdness, Katie did manage to gently take Brooke to task about her lack of productiveness since she’s been back in LA. She has literally done nothing of use.

I for one have never heard of anyone abandoning their job yet still having it. Brooke did however manage to fight temptation after Katie left without taking the wine with her. What I think was meant to be a redemption story in becoming nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to enact yet another forced love triangle. While Brooke was killing her rose bush with Pinot Grigio, the object of her non affection was getting blindfolded by his scary hot fiancé. Quinn, still unaware of who Deacon’s AA friend was, decided to reward him for all of his valiant efforts in not only keeping them clean but staying clean himself. I will admit that I love these two together. They just make sense. What doesn’t make sense is why Brooke would want him as well. I love Deacon but a catch he is not. If they would just leave it as him being there for her like she described in their AA meeting, it wouldn’t be so bad. But having Deacon professing his love for Quinn in one breath and in the very next waxing poetic to Brooke is not only silly, it’s not very good story telling for the subject matter at hand. The writers have mishandled this entire storyline from its inception and I just want it to end. If it ends with Quinn taking a sword to Brooke’s throat then so be it.

Being Myself Isn’t An Outfit

We had questions and Maya had answers. Well, some. Monday’s show kicked off exactly where we wanted it too. In the Forrester living room with Nicole and Maya Avant. After dropping the Myron bomb, we couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the story unfold. I hung on every single word spoken during their exchange. The great thing about this story is not only are both actresses knocking it out of the park but the dialogue is spot on as well. Maya explaining all of the out of line questions trans women get asked on a daily basis, her feeling of knowing she was in the wrong body at such a young age, learning to love and accept the person she wanted to be. All of it was just masterful.

mayaIt was also nice getting a clearer picture of what Nicole experienced why Maya was off finding and fixing herself. I have always been a firm believer in soaps being able to paint a picture with words and not just visuals. Nicole did just that for me while telling the story of finding out she even had a sister from a relative and how their parents reacted when she brought it up. Maya also explained the whole “what about Maya’s baby?” thing. I never saw this as a big hurdle to get over since the audience never actually saw Maya pregnant. I do believe the dialogue at the time made reference to her giving birth, but it’s a soap after all. Rewriting history isn’t unheard of.

It’s also possible that Maya simply lied. Apparently the little girl was her boyfriend’s biological child who Maya raised. I am willing to accept that. However I am still waiting for someone to explain on whose dime Myron turned into Maya on. It’s interesting that the more this story progresses the more the other characters keep referring to Maya’s femininity. That has been the something that has stood out to me as overkill and something that I hope ends soon. One thing that doesn’t seem to be ending is Nicole’s slightly selfish vendetta. Maybe vendetta is a strong word but even after bearing her soul to her little sister, Nicole still made it very clear that she would be willing to blow Maya’s world apart if she didn’t becoming more welcoming. Poor Rick sat there just as dumbfounded as ever as Maya went from wanting her sister gone to practically jumping to tuck her in and read her a story. I like Nicole’s idea of you take care of me, I’ll take care of you. But at what point will this go from being supportive to malicious?

The Bubble Is About To Burst

There is still turmoil at Forrester Creations. With everything else going on, you’d almost forget about that. Rick was happy to remind us with another public berating of Ivy disguised as a business meeting. But by her side to fend off the shots was her boyfriend, Liam. The President of Spencer Publications who is back to spending more time at Forrester than his own office. I admire his wanting to protect his girlfriend, but not only it is out of line at times, it’s oh so boring. There, I said it. Liam and Ivy are boring. Boring and stale. Lemon bar stale. Speaking of, one of the ways Rick came up with to fix the issue with the jewelry line was to bring Quinn back on board. That may be the best business decision he’s made since gaining control of Forrester. Also plotting behind the scenes was Bill who went to see Ridge at his midlife crisis loft in Venice to brainstorm on ideas to kick Rick out of the CEO chair. Their scenes were funny. Random as hell, but funny. I much prefer Bill the family man. Finally getting a scene of him and Katie and Will together as a family since the wedding was a nice light moment during a week of such substance. I am still not here for all of their dialogue being about saving woe is me Brooke, but something is better than nothing, right?

This week, the relationship between the Avant sisters continues to strain and Quinn has Brooke in her crosshairs!

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