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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Maya’s Secret Rocks Daytime And Leaves More Questions Than Answers


A Friend In Need

Let’s get the incidentals out of the way since that’s pretty much exactly what they are. Home from their honeymoon, Katie and Bill decided to check up on the Logan they left behind. No not Donna, although I get why you would assume that. No, their first priority was poor poor Brooke. Again.


Katie was first up on the coddle Brooke train by seeking intel from the person least likely to know the happenings of anything outside of his own artistic bubble, ex-beau Ridge. As a former Kridge fangirl, I was actually kind of excited that they were in scenes together even if they were wasting it worrying about a grown woman and her fear of loneliness. Ridge didn’t seem to have any helpful information on the situation so Katie and Bill decided to do their own wellness check on Brooke. Every minute of these scenes was more awkward than the last. Katie and Bill trying not to come off as rubbing their post nuptial bliss in Brooke face. Brooke acting like she wasn’t seething with jealously over a reunion that she set in motion. It was all very eggshell and couldn’t end soon enough for me. Next up, Katie decided to check in with someone who was sure to know something more, Brooke’s son Rick. But alas, he was also too caught up in his own life to even notice that his mother had all but abandoned her job as Co-Vice President in favor of a better one as vodka taste tester.

The one person who did know all there was to know about the state of Brooke was someone Katie didn’t even think to try, Deacon Sharpe. See it would appear that Deacon who is freshly sober drunkbrookehimself is now acting as Brooke’s sponsor. No, I am not joking. When the man you think you love leaves with the woman you pushed him back with and you’re tempted to take a drink, who you gonna call? The guy who’d use his sobriety chips at the roulette table if given the chance. I don’t need to say more about this storyline than I’ve already said. It remains, in my opinion, the worst one on the show at the moment. But I digress. Deacon did what all of Brooke’s men do, he rushed to her side when she called and proceeded to talk her off the one drink won’t hurt ledge. He then decided to round up all the good hooch and throw it in the trash and vowed that if she was ever feeling tempted again that he would be there… womp womp. Whatever.

Meanwhile Wyatt was across town asking the questions Quinn should have been asking. Like who was this friend Deacon was so eager to help and was she sure she could trust him? Seems like the tide is changing with the Fullers. It is now Wyatt’s turn to insert himself in Quinn’s relationship. Nothing can go wrong there, right?

One Word

It has become quite customary for soap characters to dangle some deep dark supposedly earth shattering secret over each other only to have the actual reveal to be lackluster at best. This was not at all the case when it came to the bomb Nicole Avant had been sitting on since she strolled into Beverly Hills. But before we dive into that, let us first take a moment to appreciate all the trolling Nicole did prior.

It was a short week for B&B due to NCAA Basketball and still there was more done to drive the storylines forward than their counterparts. The week picked up with Nicole refusing to leave the comforts of her new found dwelling and Maya squirming over what Nicole did or did not know. This carried over to a Forrester Creations photoshoot later that day. Everyone on set seemed to pick up on the strange vibe between the sisters except Rick of course who tends to see what he wants when it comes to Maya. Nicole put on her best fake smile while eyes were on them but promptly got to business when the set cleared. On top of the demand to keep a roof over here head, little sis was now demanding that Maya make her America’s Next Top Model. Fed up with the threats and innuendo, Maya enlisted Carter’s help to dig up some dirt of her own to get rid Nicole. And dirt she got. Turns out Nicole wasn’t actually enrolled in the Computer Science program at UCLA. She was however taking extension classes until she fell behind and was forced to drop out. Armed with this information, Maya set out to free herself of her unwanted sibling and get back to her glamourous life on the hill.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 20.29.05Unfortunately for Maya, the more she pushed the more Nicole pushed back. With her back against the wall there was nothing more to do than to have it out. To allow Nicole to unearth the secret she claimed could bring down Maya’s house of cards. Wednesday’s scenes between the Avant sisters were something to be seen and seen again. The flawless portrayal of a flawed character like Maya by Karla Mosely is nothing new. The emergence of Reign Edwards however has left me amazed and downright captivated. I felt her every emotion as she poured her heart out about her feelings of abandonment by Maya and evasiveness by their parents as to why.

As a long time soap watcher, I have to admit that a brand new character coming on to the show to blackmail an established character with some truth has become a soap trope that I almost always roll my eyes at. For one, it’s never as big as they claim. And two, the new character never seems to be interesting enough for me to care about their schemes. To my delight, this storyline has escaped all of that. So what is it? What is this huge revelation that’s going bring down the self-appointed future Forrester Matriarch? Turns out Maya Avant was born Nicole’s older brother Myron.

The news of this shocker spread through media outlets faster than I could rewind my DVR to make sure I heard it correctly. From trending on Twitter to think pieces about the groundbreaking Transgender storyline taking Daytime by storm, this quickly became the most talked about moment on TV that day. (Until the Empire finale later that night, of course.) So where do we go from here? Bradley Bell has definitely lowered the boom but after the initial shock wore off, many fans (myself included) began to wonder exactly how much of Maya history is going to be rewritten in order to pull this off. According to Mosely via Twitter, we should expect all to be revealed on Monday and Tuesday’s shows. So I will reserve any future judgment until then. As of right now, I found the move to be just as the title of the show touts, Bold. Whether or not it’s a bold move or a bold stunt, I suppose time will tell.

This week, Maya gives answers to Nicole’s questions, Liam’s fight for Forrester reemerges and Quinn gets another proposal.

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