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General Hospital Spoilers: May 11, 2015 Edition – #GHLive Begins

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This week on General Hospital, Nina surprises Franco, Tracy questions Michael, Elizabeth learns some news about the men in her life, Alexis questions Julian.  Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of May 11, 2015.

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Web(ber) of Lies

Lulu finds her brother Nikolas’ choice of company baffling. Meanwhile, Hayden reminds Nikolas about the leverage she has over him. Elizabeth is caught of guard with some news about Jake and some information she learns about Nikolas. Later, Hayden challenges Elizabeth.

Sloane has a proposition for Jake that puts him in a tough predicament. Sloane explains to Jake the details of how his plan will be implemented. Later, Anna and Sloane are shocked at what they discover at Sabrina’s apartment.

Live From Port Charles!

The first General Hospital Live show airs Friday. Sam questions Jake about the truth. Julian has a trick up his sleeve. Jordan fears her cover might be blown. Nina has an announcement for Franco which catches him off guard. Somebody gets shot.

Also this week:

Sabrina struggles with an unethical choice.  Meanwhile, Tracy questions Michael about the state of affairs regarding ELQ as well as his state of affairs with Sabrina.

Olivia’s baby is fighting for his life prompting Olivia to ask Dante for help. Later, she worries about the fate of her son.

  • Someone is sent to the ER.
  • Alexis interrogates Julian about his involvement with the latest mob wars.
  • Sonny and Shawn have a confrontation with an enemy.
  • Jake manipulates Julian by proving his loyalty to him.
  • Carly calls Jake and warns him to be careful.
  • Sam unexpectantly finds a special piece of jewelry that reminds her of Jason.
  • Sloane gives Anna a gift of sorts.


Source Sneak Peek: May 18

The second General Hospital Live show airs Monday. A wedding takes place. Carly almost makes a confession to Sonny. Sabrina and Michael grow closer.

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