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General Hospital Spoilers: May 18, 2015 Edition – #GHLive Continues

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This week on General Hospital, #GHLive continues, Sonny wants revenge, Sloane and Anna have a close moment, Jordan makes a deal with Scott, Julian longs for Alexis. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 18, 2015.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

The second General Hospital Live show airs Monday. A wedding takes place, Jordan is forced to come clean to Shawn and Nikolas keeps a secret from Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Sonny is out for revenge. Will someone get caught in the crossfire?

Gallery: #GHLive Preparation

Photos of the General Hospital cast rehearsing for the live episodes

The Mob Job

Jake wonders if he is closer to finding his true identity and later he reconsiders his line of work. Jake tells Sloane he wants out of the business despite the consequences.

Sloane offers to help Anna though he’s skeptical how their plan will be carried out. Anna asks Sloane for a favor and they share a nice moment. Later, she reluctantly comes up with a cover story.

Jordan shares information with her son. Later, she cuts a deal with Scott. When backed in a corner, she is compelled to drop a bombshell onto Shawn.

Julian gets an update from Olivia at the hospital. Meanwhile, Olivia fills Dante in on her secret, asking him to not say anything. An upset Julian arrives home to an unexpected visitor. Later, Julian longs for Alexis and wonders what’s next.

As this week:

Sabrina is anxious about a situation prompting Michael to suggest they stay in for their date. The two grow closer as Sabrina discusses her past with Michael.

Kiki and Morgan have a discussion that gets increasingly heated. Later, they are surprised with their recent escapades.

  • Carly almost makes a confession to Sonny.
  • Franco insults Nina and is furious about her actions.
  • Jake and Sam anxiously wait on an outcome.
  • Sam tells Jake about what happened at the garage.
  • A knock at the door will leave some reeling about the future.

Source Sneak Peek: May 25

Shawn’s loyalties are tested. Valerie applies for a job at the PCPD. Franco updates Nathan on Nina’s latest exploits.

*Monday, May 25th is an encore episode of the 52nd Anniversary show in which the truth about Luke is revealed.

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