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General Hospital Spoilers: May 25, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sloane attempts to console Anna, Franco looks to Nina’s family for help, Jake talks business with Sonny, Lucas and Brad discuss their upcoming nuptials. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 25, 2015.

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Love and Marriage

Nina is having some second thoughts about her marriage to Ric. Meanwhile, Obrecht helps Franco reach a conclusion regarding Nina. Franco and Nina have a huge disagreement about her current state of affairs. Later, Franco updates Nathan on Nina’s latest exploits and it’s revealed that Ric has a new scheme and partner in crime.

Also this week:

Mayor Lomax spills some tea to Nikolas about Sloane. Sloane tries to comfort Anna when she is haunted by her actions. Later, he makes a big confession to Anna about his involvement with Lomax.

Jake gets some promising news from Sloane. He updates Elizabeth on his work status and his hopes for the future. Later, he discusses his latest job with Sonny.

Valerie decides to apply for a job at the PCPD. How will Lulu react when she learns about Valerie’s job application?

  • Lulu and Nikolas console each other over the latest turn of events.
  • Lucas and Brad discuss their wedding plans, while Brad is very cryptic about his family’s involvement.
  • Michael hopes Rosalie will be the key to gaining back ELQ shares.
  • Shawn is faced with a difficult decision that tests his loyalty to both the mob as well as TJ and Jordan.
  • Shawn tells TJ he needs to tell him something important.

Due to the holiday Monday, May 25th with be an encore episode. In honor of General Hospital’s 52nd anniversary, the past and future will collide. Select scenes from the very first GH episode that aired on April 1, 1963 will be revisited, and the story will be expanded in order to answer questions raised that day. Also, the truth about Luke will be revealed. 

Source Sneak Peek: June 1

Nikolas uses Rosalie to get to Nina. Jordan gets a new job offer. Luke returns to Port Charles. The Quartermaines throw a party.

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