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General Hospital Spoilers: June 22, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Michael and Tracy call an emergency board meeting, Madeline has some demands for Ric, Lulu’s secret continues to weigh heavy on her, #Samtrick and #Liason have dinner together. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 22, 2015.


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Cassadine vs. Quartermaine

Tracy starts to panic when she realizes just how close Nikolas is to owning a majority of the ELQ shares. Meanwhile, Sam confronts Nikolas about his relationship with Rosalie, while Rosalie is forced to admit to Jake and Michael her boss’s identity. Once Nikolas comes clean, Michael and Tracy call an emergency board meeting. Later, Nikolas arrives at the Quartermaines to take another vote. He threatens to reveal Rosalie’s secret if she doesn’t retract her statement.

Michael’s family worries about him and Sabrina has a suggestion for Michael to help make amends. Later, Michael arrives at Sonny’s house with a surprise.

He Ain’t Nothing But A Gold Digger 

Madeline demands from Ric an update on their scheme regarding Nina’s money. When Franco runs into Nina, he makes the impromptu decision to introduce her to his “date.” Franco and Denise randomly join forces to each benefit someone else. Meanwhile, Madeline’s latest proposition for Ric could send Nina over the edge.

The Secret Keeper

After Valerie spies Lulu and Dillon in a close moment, she tells Dante that she overheard that the two are keeping something from him. Meanwhile, Lulu confides in Maxie that her secret is starting to weigh on her. Frustrated, Dante becomes more suspicious of what Lulu and Dillon are hiding and is consoled by Valerie.

Also this week:

Luke and Laura encounter someone from his past. When Luke is backed into a corner, he must decide whether or not to make a sacrifice for a loved one. Later, Luke and Laura are faced with an intruder.

Feeling unsure of how involved Sonny was with the attempted hit on Jordan, TJ is leery about accepting Sonny’s offer to help him. Will he changed his mind when Sonny has a new offer?

  • Patrick, Elizabeth, Sam and Jake have an unplanned dinner which makes Elizabeth feel a bit uncomfortable with the lies she has been telling.
  • Morgan confesses something to Sonny.
  • Lucy explains her ELQ vote.
  • Dillon lashes out at Nikolas.

Source Sneak Peek: June 29

Luke and Laura learn who the villain is behind everything. Dante crosses the line with Valerie. Nina and Franco try to make each other jealous. Fourth of July activities begin in Port Charles.

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