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General Hospital Spoilers: June 29, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Luke and Laura continue to look for Lucky, Jake teams up with Michael, Franco worries about Kiki, Denise visits Sonny. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 29, 2015.

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The Searchers

Luke and Laura find themselves in a standoff with someone unexpected. Laura sets the record straight with a person from Luke’s past. Meanwhile, Luke and Laura receive a photo of Lucky from the kidnappers. Luke vows to find his son, return to Port Charles and make everything right with Tracy. The team finds some important clues that could lead them to Lucky’s kidnappers. Will Luke and Laura discover who the villain is behind everything?

Nikolas asks Jake to continue to work at ELQ. He refuses and instead offers to help Michael take down Nikolas and win ELQ back. When Sam runs into Nikolas, she expresses her disappointed with his choices. She wonders if there is anything she can do to help fix the ELQ situation. After talking with Jake, Sam agrees to help Michael and him take down her cousin.

Baby You’re A Firework

This week Fourth of July activities begin in Port Charles. Luke and Laura are in for a surprise when a vengeful former enemy makes an appearance. After Maxie questions Dante on Lulu’s whereabouts, she tells Nathan she is irked that Valerie is with him during Lulu’s absence. Nathan puts Maxie at ease and the two reminisce about last year’s holiday. Sonny updates Carly on his sons’ state of affairs. Denise has a confession for Franco. TJ has a special gift for Molly as they watch the fireworks.

Also this week:

Thanks to Sabrina’s insight, Michael let’s his guard down and delivers a surprise for Sonny. Meanwhile, a determined Denise tries to make an appointment with Michael in order to see Avery. Denise gets a surprise when she visits Avery.

Dante crosses the line with Valerie while Lulu nervously waits for news from her parents about Lucky.  Later, Dante is upset about doubting Lulu and receives comfort from Valerie.

Ric tries to convince Nina that he had nothing to do with Madeline getting out of prison. Later, Nina and Franco each continue to try to make each other jealous with their new relationships. Meanwhile, Morgan can’t stop thinking about Denise and proceeds to hide his betrayal from Kiki. Franco worries about Kiki getting hurt.

  • Luke updates Lulu and Dillon.
  • Spencer calls out Nikolas for his recent actions.
  • Michael and Sabrina take their relationship to the next level and look forward to exploring it more.
  • Denise visits Sonny.
  • Denise and Morgan are unable to stay away from each other.

Source Sneak Peek: July 6

Tracy bumps into someone on the way out of town. Brad admits to Felix that he is hiding something from Lucas. Elizabeth is worried about Lucky. Luke has a revelation.

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