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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Liam and Ivy Marry, Steffy Tears Down The House


This week Brad Bell & Co. took what many (myself included) would consider a cliché and overdone soap trope and cranked the volume to ten. Solidifying that with great dialogue, killer performances and a nod to history they can make even the most basic storyline excel over their daytime counterparts.

Just A Piece Of Paper

The idea of marriage is not at all a foreign concept to Liam Spencer, but this week the thought of it had him looking a bit nauseous.  And with good reason. Not only did it come completely out of left field, but the ever indecisive Liam had found himself falling back under the spell of his ex-wife Steffy yet again.  So when Ivy begged and pleaded with him to marry her to keep her in the country, he hesitated… at first. But like many times before, a woman in need, it’s Liam to the rescue. Before he could fully wrap his mind around taking vowels yet again, Carter showed up via Quinn, with a dress ready to officiate. I want to make a brief detour and say that this show needs to find something for Carter to do other than bench press and perform marriages. Ok, back to the vowels. They were short and to the point. Nothing much to say when it was obvious neither one of them were ready for what they were doing.

livyshotWhile Liam and Ivy were in Malibu making that mistake, Quinn was back at Forrester basking in her ability to manipulate a situation without having to push, hit or stab anyone. Personally, I’m happy all Quinn did was whisper in Ivy’s ear. This way when it blows up, they can’t blame her for the decision they made. I’m sure they’ll try, though. Unable to hide her glee, Quinn informed Wyatt of the nuptials taking place and how it was going to benefit him. Once again, Wyatt acted as if he was annoying with Quinn’s interference, but did nothing to actually discourage her from it. Probably because he was grateful for the assist. After having been told countless times by Ridge and Bill that Steffy was completely off limits, he now was able to finally see hope that they were wrong. I’m not totally against the idea of Wyatt and Steffy. I am however annoyed that once again after Liam shatters the heart of a woman he claims to love, Wyatt is there within a nano second kissing her and pushing her into something that’s destined to leave him as the odd man out.

I Don’t Want You Anymore

While the serial groom and the Aussie were tying the knot, Steffy was making amends with her father’s girlfriend. Last we left them in February, Steffy was none too thrilled about Ridge’s Caroline 2.0 art project and let them know that. This time around her priorities have changed as well as her heart. She was cordial and even friendly to Caroline during a game of poker in which she bragged about Liam and her getting their lives back. She was so confident that the next day she even complied a trip down memory lane for her ex to help him find his way back to her. It was a cute gesture. I remember Liam doing something similar for her a few years ago that cost him Hope. Ironic, huh? The fact that Liam sat there and let Steffy put on this show for him knowing he was about to shatter her into a million pieces… he deserved what was coming to him. Steffy started off calm after Liam told her he was a married man. She let him explain everything. She let it sink in. But the more he talked, the more he tried to rationalize his actions, the more you could see her blood boiling.

She lashed out at Liam for jumping into something so recklessly without even confirming the story he was told. Shesteffy lashed out at him for once again playing everyone else’s hero but hers. In her eyes this was history repeating itself. And the thought of her just simply being “back in the picture,” well that caused her to lash out with a back hand across the face. She let Liam know that despite what he thought, she was not going to be his other choice. She wasn’t going to let him make her feel like she had to prove she was good enough for him. Her days of sharing him were over and done. Liam being Liam flip flopped again and tried to convince her he would leave Ivy. Steffy basically told him not to bother. He had found the one for him. The one who would be willing to put up with him and his need to be wanted. She was done. And not 5 minutes after Steffy left refusing to be Liam’s option, Ivy was there to assure him and the audience that she was just fine with that, there-in proving Steffy’s point and the difference between the two women.

After dust (and broken glass) from Hurricane Steffy subsided, Ivy was once again visited by the Immigration officer. Not to check up on the validity of her marriage, but to let her know they made a mistake and she had dual citizen ship after all. I can say that I didn’t see this coming. So now, knowing how much her husband loves his ex-wife, will she tell him the truth? Or will she actually turn into a viable character and scheme to hold on to her man? Also this week, Rick & Maya are back!

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