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General Hospital Spoilers: July 20, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Luke shares his plan with Bobbie, Laura questions Nikolas’ recent behavior, Lulu confronts Valerie, Nathan plans a romantic evening for Maxie, Ric continues to toy with Nina. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of July, 20, 2015.

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Luke and Lulu discuss how their latest mission has affected their love lives. After Dillon offers some advice to Tracy regarding Luke, she lets Luke know where she stands in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Michael wants to move forward with plans for the AJ Quartermaine Clinic and seeks Luke’s permission to start construction on the site of his childhood home. Luke makes one last visit to his old home where he falls into a melancholy. While Luke contemplates his next move, he is expectantly visited by three spirits from his past. Later, Luke has a touching moment with Bobbie and fills her in on his plan.


Laura overhears some revealing news about Jake. Nikolas brings Laura up to speed on what happened to ELQ leading her to question her oldest son about his recent behaviors. Later, Laura updates Scott on her adventure before admitting that she is harboring a secret.


Dante wants to make sure Valerie keeps their one night stand a secret, while Valerie tries to convince him that she is cool with everything. Later, Lulu confronts her cousin about what happened with her husband. While Lulu expresses her frustrations to Maxie about what is going on with Dante, Dante opens up to Nathan about his troubled marriage.

Also this week:

Nathan plans a romantic evening for Maxie, but their dinner is cut short when Madeline abruptly interrupts and explains that she is worried about Nina. Meanwhile, Ric continues to play with Nina’s emotions.

Regrettably, Brad tells Lucas that he cannot marry him. Brad drops a major bombshell onto Lucas.

Julian swears to Sonny he had nothing to do with the latest incident. Later, Sam asks Alexis if she thinks Julian is really done with the mob.

  • Carly brings Josslyn into the hospital in order to check on her transplant.
  • Due to recent circumstances, Elizabeth is overcome with guilt about keeping Jake’s identity a secret.
  • Sabrina and Michael spend a romantic afternoon together.
  • Jordan has a warning for Dante about his actions.
  • Franco tries to convince Ava to tell Kiki the truth about her relationship with Morgan.

Source Sneak Peek: July 27

Sonny and Luke have a walk down memory lane together. Dillon proposes an idea to Valerie to remedy the situation with Dante and Lulu. Silas makes a shocking discovery. Patrick has an update on Hayden’s condition.

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