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General Hospital Spoilers: July 27, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Nina attempts to end her marriage, Nathan makes a discovery, Franco confronts Morgan, Sonny and Luke shares some fond memories, Liz feels guilty about her deception. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 27, 2015.

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Marriage of Inconvenience 

Feeling conflicted, Nina struggles with deciding to listen to her brother Nathan or stay with her husband. Meanwhile, Ric conspires with Madeline about how best to proceed with their plan. Nina tries to end things with Ric, but he manages to convince her that she needs to stay in the marriage for her own protection. Later, Nina starts to doubt her mental instability.

Meanwhile, Nathan discovers something in Nina’s room. Nathan and Jordan discuss reopening the Avery kidnapping case. Could this mean more trouble for Nina?

Secret Lover

Franco threatens to reveal Ava’s secret. “Denise” gushes to Nina about her boyfriend, while Franco confronts Morgan about his affair with “Denise.” Ava pressures Franco to stick to their plan. Things begin to slowly thaw between Franco and Nina. Later, Franco makes a devastating discovery.

Silas also makes a shocking discovery. Later, he threatens to expose Ava and Morgan’s relationship to Kiki.

Also this week:

At the docks, Sonny runs into Luke where the two share some memories and Sonny learns about his old friend’s plans. Later, Sonny learns his business has been hit again.

Elizabeth feels torn when she witnesses Big Jake interacting with Little Jake. After Laura meets Jake, she reveals to Elizabeth that she knows the truth.

  • Madeline thinks Maxie isn’t good enough for Nathan.
  • Dillon proposes an idea to Valerie to remedy the situation with Dante and Lulu.
  • Scott asks Nikolas about how he took over ELQ.
  • Franco accuses Madeline of scheming with Ric.
  • Patrick has an update on Hayden’s condition.
  • Michael confronts Nikolas about the ELQ takeover.

Source Sneak Peek: August 3

Felix encourages Brad to reach out to Lucas. Kiki makes a life changing discovery. Sonny calls a meeting of the Five Families to figure out who has been undermining his business. Franco asks Dr. Obrecht for advice.

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