‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Jailhouse Love Gets Complicated; Davis Girls Rule


Mystery Solved?

The end of GH’s month long murder mystery is closing in on it’s final moments. For those of you who guessed it was Madeline in the kitchen/living room with knife, unless there is a surprise twist, you have won the game of #GHClue. After crossing Nina, Franco and Ava off the list of suspects, Nathan and Dante hung out at their desks for a little bit until they figured it out.

They arrested Ric for the crime but he may have been just a means to an end. At the end of Friday’s episode a freed Ric, asked an unsuspecting Madeline about some documents that Silas signed. Cut to a flashback of Madeline paying Silas a visit the day of his murder. I have a feeling Ric has made a deal with the PCPD and has been tasked with getting a confession from his lover/mother-in-law.

The details of what happened will get filled in next week. What has peaked my interest the most is the mysterious document that Ric is holding over Madeline. What did Madeline get Silas to sign and most importantly why? Had she figured out he was the kidnapper before she paid him a visit or did that happen later? Could she be yet another red herring? Morgan hasn’t completely been ruled out as a suspect yet.

Davis Girls and Baldwins

I feel like the character of Scotty Baldwin hasn’t been valued like he should. With Luke Spencer gone, it would make sense for him to become a more central figure in Port Charles.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 20.37.08I like the way that Howarth and Kin Shriner play off each other and I feel building the father/son relationship would be a good direction. Add Serena to the mix and let the family dysfunction begin. She could even be paired up with Morgan for a Romeo and Juliet style romance, building on an already existing rivalry between two houses. Lots of multi-generational story could be told just by this family’s tale.

I also think having a strong matriarchal family as a core family is a needed. Not only does it appeal to the key demos but it adds a bit of balance to a very testostone laden canvas. The Davis family is already in Port Charles but hasn’t interacted as a family unit much recently. GH fans need more female bonding. Playing up this family is a simple solution to that. Kristina’s return will hopefully lead to more of the Davis girls on our TV screens.

The scenes between Sam and Alexis where the ladies shared a bottle of wine while discussing Julian where refreshing after not seeing much interaction between the two in awhile. The scenes were not overly complex but they showed the complexity of Alexis and Sam’s close relationship as mother and daughter. The topic of discussion was Alexis’ love life but also Sam’s father. While Alexis choses to believe Julian has left the mob for her and enjoys their back on again romance, Sam still holds her father at an arm’s length. Sometimes so much can be done with so little and this quiet conversation between mother and daughter could end up being more important than it appears.

In A Few Weeks

I’m no PR expert. I’m just a gal who watches too much television then writes about it. But it doesn’t take an expert to see that GH could use a little positive buzz right now.

Remember when Days of our Lives was in that awkward stage when they switched writers? When all anyone could really say was something like “I love what we’re filming now and can’t wait until you see it in six months!” GH is in a mini version of that stage right now. Currently what they have to promote for story is Silas’ murder and the upcoming wedding of Carly and Sonny. All of which are stories written by the former head writer. Stories will move onto a small transition period where they will be an edited to bridge between the old writer’s material and the new writers’ material. Then we’ll get the new story lines. The good news is we won’t have to wait as long as we did with Days because GH doesn’t tape as far ahead. The bad news is that GH will be in a little bit a promotional dead zone for a few weeks.

What can fans expect to see on their television screens then? I have no idea. I suspect some of that is still being planned out. The writers will need to wrap up and reroute a lot stories before they leap into their own. That may happen quickly but it may take some time. With a lot of connecting umbrella stories, not everything will be as easy as having Helena shoot the Woman in White. So right now it is a little stressful for fans (and probably the cast and crew as well) because we don’t know what’s going to happen. Should we be hopeful or cautious? Luckily we’ll know very soon.

For a look at what’s in store this week, check out our General Hospital spoilers.

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