General Hospital Spoilers: November 2, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, will Jake and Liz’s wedding go as planned? Also: Carly makes a shocking discovery; Lulu is devastated when she learns the truth; with the custody battle for Avery under way, Paul offers Ava some advise. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 2, 2015.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Tying the Knot

Jake is suspicious with Hayden’s interest in attending his wedding and questions her intentions. Liz and Patrick discuss Liz’s upcoming nuptials while Jake and Sam continue their investigation. Later, Jake feels a strong sense of deja vue with Liz. Oblivious to the anvil that could drop at any moment, Patrick and Sam share some sweet family time together. Meanwhile, Laura continues her concerns about Liz marrying Jake. However, Nikolas leans on Laura to keep the truth a secret. Hayden makes certain she gets to speak to Liz just before she walks down the aisle. As friends and family gather at the church, will Liz’s nuptials go as planned? Hayden isn’t the only one that could stand in Liz’s way.

With the help of Spinelli’s facial recognition software, Carly discovers Jake’s true identity and seeks confirmation via a DNA test. Her mind-blowing discovery leads to a dangerous encounter as she rushes to get to Jake. As Liz starts to get ready for her big day, will Carly be able to get ahold of Jake and tell him the truth? With Michael, Sonny and Jake worried about Carly’s whereabouts, Jake goes to look for Carly.

Also this week:

Jake’s identity isn’t the only secret that’s blowing up this week. Lulu is crushed when she learns that Dante and Valerie slept together. Hell hath no fury like a Spencer scorned when Lulu unleashes on Dante. Along with the life shattering news, she also has to deal with the fact that people she trusted – Dillon, Nathan, and Valerie – were keeping the truth from her. Will Lulu ever be able to forgive everyone, especially Dante?

  • Morgan has a tryst with Darby causing #DrunkKiki to act out even more when she learns about it. Later, Morgan tries to be a good friend to Kiki after her wild night out.
  • Ric continues to help Sonny with his custody dispute. Meanwhile, Scott advises an anxious Ava who fears she will lose baby Avery. Paul has some advise of his own to share when he tells Ava on how to deal with Sonny.
  • Anna meets her new doctor. Anthony Montgomery makes his debut as Dr. Andre Maddox.

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Source Sneak Peek: November 9th

Ava goads Sonny into losing his temper at the custody hearing. After Sam and Patrick struggle with their circumstances, Patrick reaches out to Robin. Lulu makes an impulsive decision.

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