General Hospital Spoilers: October 19, 2015 Edition

Lisa LoCicero, Nancy Lee Grahn "General Hospital" Set The Prospect Studios ABC Studios 09/23/15. Photo Credit © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 13411 U.S. Airdate 10/13/15

Next week on General Hospital, will Olivia regret her recent choices? Also: Sonny gets some bad news; Kiki and Morgan have a heated run in; Jake, Sam and Spinelli continue their investigation. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 19, 2015.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Oh Baby

Olivia finds she must come to terms with her decisions while Julian makes a suspicious phone call. What is Julian hiding? Later, Julian has a big surprise for Alexis. But Alexis has life changing news for him. Will Julian take Alexis’ advice on how to handle Olivia?

After sharing a special moment together, Sabrina and Michael grow closer. Later, after Sonny insists that he stays our of the coffee business, Michael surprises Sonny with some good news. Meanwhile, could the Teflon Don’s condition be worse that thought? As Sonny struggles with some upsetting news, Carly, Michael and Morgan offer support.

Also this week:

Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/

Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/

Things become tense for Kiki and Morgan during a run in at the Haunted Star. Back at the apartment, Kiki assists Nina as she prepares for a family gathering with Nathan and Maxie, much to Nina’s bewilderment. Later, Franco is thrown by Nathan’s comments about his intentions with Nina.

Jake demands Nikolas divulge the details about his past. Will the Dark Prince spill the truth? Meanwhile, while assisting Sam and Jake with their investigation, Spinelli makes an important discovery. Later, Jake tells Carly about Sam and Spinelli’s investigative efforts to help him uncover his identity.

As their wedding day approaches, Liz asks Jake to quit the investigation into his identity. Liz is overwhelmed when her colleagues throw her a bridal shower at the hospital. Pre-wedding jitters could be the last of Liz’s problems though when Laura has concerns about Little Jake’s behavior.

  • Nathan urges Dante to do the right thing and come clean to Lulu. Meanwhile, Maxie comes up with a plan to help Dillon’s movie. Later, Dante reveals to Olivia his and Lulu’s new family plans. Lulu grows concerned for her family when she observes tension between Laura and Nikolas.
  • Anna seeks help to address her mounting anxiety. Later, Anna makes a startling discovery.
  • Brad divulges his legal predicament to Alexis. Well she be able to help him become a bachelor again so he can become a married man?
  • Will Hayden have a change of heart when she overhears Nikolas discussing his feelings about her to Spencer?

Source Sneak Peek: October 26th

Carly and Sonny react to Michael’s news. Hayden manages to score an invitation to Jake and Liz’s wedding. Ava has an emotional moment with Paul. Port Charles celebrates Halloween with a party at the Haunted Star.

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