‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Week In Review: Great Expectations, Greater Sacrifice

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Never one to shy away from the tough stories, Brad Bell and co. have once again opted to push the envelope with several of their front burner arcs — two of which pertain to motherhood and one dealing with self-confidence vs exploitation. While their Daytime counterparts are showcasing stories heavily laced in testosterone and vibrato, it’s refreshing that The Bold and the Beautiful still knows that women remain this genre’s main draw.

The Bold and the Beautiful week in review for episodes airing October 12 -October 16, 2015.

One Way Or Another

With a bomb having just been placed in her lap, Nicole stared blankly at Rick and Maya trying to make sure she heard them correctly. Yes, they were asking her to have their baby. Well technically they were asking her to have her own baby with Rick and then hand it over. Same thing, right? Rick & Maya assured Nicole that they weren’t pressuring her although just simply asking her something like this out of the blue could be considered pressure in and of itself. Nicole didn’t have much time to ponder their request before Zende came in to begin their dinner date. Let’s pause there for a second. Does Zende also live at the Forester’s? He dropped his keys on the table like he does. Why does this show that has so much money for overseas shoots have so few in studio sets? It bothers me. But back to the point at hand. Zende and Nicole moved their date into the kitchen while Rick and Maya moved their family conversation upstairs. They had a moment of clarity that they should have had before talking to Nicole about her life and what they were asking of her. They didn’t sound as self-involved as before but still seemed to dismiss the notion of Nicole potentially missing out on her own dreams to help them fulfill their own. Downstairs, Nicole was clearly distracted as Zende tried to put on his best Rico Suave routine filled with soft music, candlelight and good food. He finally asked Nicole what was going on and his reaction to her answer almost made him choke on his pepper steak.

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Zende had the response I expected him to have. Hell, he had the response I had. What about them? This young, carefree budding romance that just started is supposed to be halted because of Nicole’s feelings of gratitude towards Maya and Maya’s willingness to take advantage of it? It was all too much. And Nicole told Maya as much and that she would have to think about it. Zende confided his predicament to Carter who told him to be honest with Nicole about not wanting her to go through with it. Nicole confided in Brooke for no other reason than she was there. I swear, they have inserted Brooke into so many other people’s storylines it’s ridiculous. With that said, she did make a good point about Maya putting her in such an awkward position. Nicole met back up with Zende and told him the only answer she could give Maya was yes. She was filled with that gratitude. Another problem with this story. It feels like Nicole is doing this because she feels she owes them. Zende pleaded with her again to think of the young carefree life she would be giving up though he stopped short of saying she would also be giving him up. Meanwhile back at the house, Maya and Rick were meeting with a fertility specialist to weigh their options. When told about Nicole, the specialist began to give them all of the reasons why their solution might be a disaster. Rick and Maya heard what she was saying and considered it… for all of 5 minutes.  They wanted Nicole to give them a baby and to hell with all the reasons it was a bad idea.

Luckily for them, Nicole let them off the hook by agreeing to their request sight unseen. Without hearing about all the physical and psychological problems that could arise with carrying her first child, HER child, and giving it to someone else to raise. She would sacrifice her life and her body to pay them back for putting a roof over her head. Not at all a fair trade off if you ask me. Maya and Nicole did have a great sisterly moment when she said yes. And Maya did offer her another option of harvesting her eggs and getting another surrogate but Nicole said she knew that wasn’t what they wanted. Clearly I am not a fan of this direction in the story but I will always adore my Avant sisters and the bond they share. I completely understand everyone’s angle, including Zende’s. Some might say he’s being selfish to ask Nicole to consider their relationship. I say Maya and Rick are being selfish not to. I love both of these coupless but sacrificing one for another isn’t just annoying for me. It’s a deal breaker. Hopefully the return of Vivienne and Julius Avant will turn this story around to where I can have then both without any resentment.

Anything I Ask

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Zende and Nicole weren’t the only ones trying to get a date night in. Ivy and Wyatt where having a pizza date and in Malibu there was quite the interesting double date with Liam, Steffy, Bill and Katie. Over dinner Steffy told them she had hired Ivy back but as a lingerie model. Bill couldn’t contain his laughter. Katie wasn’t too amused and neither was Liam. While alone he told Steffy how he felt about what she was doing. Basically saying that using Ivy’s insecurities against her for her own enjoyment was wrong and beneath her. Steffy countered that there really was no one else to do the job at the moment and that they couldn’t get a no name to fill in. Meanwhile Ivy was working through some of those securities by walking around and even answering the door for the pizza man in lingerie. Wyatt continued to boost his girlfriend’s confidence by showering her with compliments but Ivy remained a skeptical.

Taking a break from the potential debacle with Ivy, Steffy was finally informed that her big brother was shipped off to Paris like overnight cargo. She was told by Brooke. Again, in everyone else’s storyline. Brooke didn’t seem to know the particulars so Steffy filled her in on the fight between Ridge and Thomas stemming from him bedding an intern. At least that was the reason she thought Thomas had been outcast. In the CEO office, Ridge was telling Caroline that they were going ahead with their plan to lie about the baby. Caroline was obviously unsure about it and it became clear that the entire situation was causing stress on her but Ridge didn’t care. What he said and what he wanted was all that mattered. Except for one little problem — Ridge informed Caroline that he had confided in Brooke about the vasectomy and inability to have kids. Caroline rightfully began to panic when she realized that Brooke would put it all together and expose them. Steffy came in to confront her father about Thomas’ banishment and he basically told her Thomas was needed in Paris and that was the end of it. The almighty Ridge Forrester had spoken and there shall be no questioning his authority. Despite a new face, nice to see some things will never change with that character.

This week, Zende and Nicole grow closer, Ivy folds under pressure and Caroline’s pregnancy is exposed.

Line Of The Week: “If this is what I think it could be… if this is what it feels like, I have to be honest. I want to be a part of every amazing thing in your life.” –Zende (Rome Flynn)

Performer Of The Week: Reign Edwards (Nicole)

Photo Credits: © Sean Smith/JPI Studios

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