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‘Arrow’ Preview: Constantine’s Intro and 9 Teasers from ‘Haunted’


When we last left off on Arrow, Oliver told his teammates he planned to run for mayor and unveiled a new lair beneath the campaign office, Curtis’ personal story convinced Felicity to listen to Ray’s message, and Laurel stopped her father from killing Sara, only for her sister to escape by the end of the hour.

In Haunted, Oliver and the others learn Sara’s back, but she’s missing her soul. Cue a phone call to John Constantine (special guest star Matt Ryan). How and why Oliver has his contact card will be revealed in the episode, but the man knows a thing or two about how to reunite a body with its soul. Of course it involves magic so we get a few great scenes of our characters reacting to this new kind of power.

Most people probably know that Ryan starred on the short-lived NBC drama Constantine last season. If you’re worried that you’re going to feel lost having never seen the series, don’t be. The episode introduces the character just like it would any other new face coming to the series. And despite the heavy promotion, this is not the Constantine hour featuring brief appearances of our core characters. There’s plenty of screen time for everyone.

That being said, Constantine is awesome in the episode. We get to see him doing a lot of magic and the man is quite knowledgeable when it comes to different problems Oliver and company are facing. He has a few different warnings for Mr. Queen as well as an unexpected parting gift.

And without further ado, here are nine more teasers for “Haunted”:

1. Sara’s first appearance onscreen in the episode feels very much like something normal Sara would do…until 30 seconds later.

2. Thea hires a political consultant for Oliver and he’s worried about one particular skeleton in the former billionaire’s closet.

3. Conklin confronts Oliver with his backpack and takes him to the leader. Can Oliver talk his way out of it?

4. Captain Detective Lance and Laurel continue to disagree on Sara, but something happens to make Laurel realize her father might be right.

5. Felicity tasks Curtis with trying to decipher a section of Ray’s jumbled final recording.

6. Speaking of tasks, Darhk has a new one for Lance and Oliver has Digg accompany him to carry out the mission.

7. After he learns about the spa trip to Nada Parbat, Oliver confronts Laurel and she counters his argument with valid points of her own over the state of their friendship.

8. Oliver and Felicity have a lovely, honest discussion about the pain of losing people.

9. Thea offers herself up as bait for Sara after a realization regarding the effects of the pit.

Arrow airs Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 8/7c on The CW.

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