‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Foreshadowing Disaster

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Babies, babies, babies. That was the theme for The Bold and the Beautiful last week as two women headed to the OBGYN for two completely different reasons. Also, is it just me or were Forrester staff meetings a lot more lively when Aly was screaming about purity and chastity belts?

The Bold and the Beautiful Week In Review for episodes airing November 2-6, 2015

The Bold and the Beautiful Week in Review: List of Chances

Photo Credit: © Jill Johnson/

Photo Credit: © Jill Johnson/

After Zende and Nicole ended last week horizontally, I was curious if they had actually given into their desire but alas, they did not. Nicole confronted Zende at Forrester the next day to see if he was upset about it. Being the gentleman the he is, he said of course not. Though he still didn’t want her to go through with the surrogacy, that he was on her side and would support her every step of the way. Meanwhile back at the Forrester house, the Avants and the Forresters, including Brooke met up to discuss what they were about to embark on as a family. Julius was his normal crass self but the more he spoke, the more genuine his concern over Nicole’s decision came across. But it was Vivienne who put on the show.

My only complaint about the Avant parents the first time showed up was that Vivienne didn’t have a real voice. And when she finally spoke up it was at the wedding which was their last air date for a few months. This time, momma knows what she feels and isn’t afraid to say it. She told Maya that asking Nicole to give them her first born was too much, much more than she believed her two girls had considered. She also translated her husband’s lack of filter into loving concern. The scene was so moving that it almost had Rick and Maya questioning their decision. But of course, their wants and needs trump everything else, and with the full backing of Eric and Brooke decided they were doing the right thing. Let’s talk about that for one moment. I am not sure if this scene was written to show the glaring cultural differences between these two families or not, but boy did it.  Eric and Brooke on one side with their California Freedom ideals and Julius and Vivienne on the other with rooted bible belt beliefs. It was very gripping to watch. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as after only a few weeks, the time came to actually go through with implantation. The 3 cohorts decided not to tell Julius and Vivienne so that they wouldn’t be derailed, but after finding out from Eric, they headed straight to the hospital to do just that. They were beaten there by Zende who showed up to give his support to the woman he loved and reiterated that when Julius called him out for not being more against it. The Avants tried again to talk their little girl out of what she was doing in a scene that I have been waiting for.

Nicole and Julius’ relationship has been a little odd to me since he first showed up. She hasn’t always been written as respecting her father but I’ve never seen a lot of love between them until now. With tears running down his face, he told Nicole that she was the most perfect thing he’d ever done in his life. A statement that I know must have cut through Maya like a knife. Julius also used her relationship with Zende, who remained staunchly at Nicole’s side no matter what. All the while Vivienne and Julius were fighting for one daughter, the other one stood to the side visibly annoyed and even rolling her eyes when Nicole and Julius hugged. Her resentment was palpable in these scenes. But at the end of it all, Nicole remained in her obligation and her parents accepted that while they knew this was going to be a disaster, they couldn’t stop it. The last thing Vivienne said to her daughters before leaving was that she truly hoped things would turn out the way they think it will. Such a poignant and subtle anvil. And so it began. After an oddly placed moment between Nicole and Rick (hmmm), the procedure began… and was done. And because this is a soap after all, we’ll know in less than a week if it took.

In The Wrong Hands

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Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

Later that week, things were back to business as usual as a staff meeting got underway. These meetings never seem to go well so this one was sure to be no different. After gushing over Caroline’s overnight baby bump, the crew got to work on details of the couture and lingerie lines. Quickly they discussed Rick, Maya and Nicole’s absence saying that they won’t be seeing them around for some time. That sounded a lot like story segregation, but I digress. Immediately Liam brought up ways to capitalize off of Rick and Maya’s impending baby and even Ridge and Caroline’s. He was shot down by Ridge immediately but pushed the issue further to the point where Thomas stepped in taking his father’s side and calling Liam and Wyatt out for being Spencer’s and thinking like it. Once the meeting was over, said Spencer’s retreated across the hall to bellyache over the obvious diss. Wyatt told Liam and Quinn that Thomas was making it personal because he has an interest in Ivy. Steffy was picking up on Thomas’ wandering eye too and asked him who the lucky lady was. Enter Ivy. They gave enough of a flirtatious vibe for Steffy to put two and two together and warn her brother not continue his bad choices in women with another one. Not because she was kind of their cousin but because she had tried to blackmail her. Steffy is nothing if not self-involved after all.

Even with the evidence of very resent mishaps with women, it was clear Thomas would keep his attention on Ivy for some reason that is unclear other than the lack of any other female candidates on canvas. Ivy on the other hand couldn’t be bother to admit what Thomas was doing when confronted by her boyfriend, Wyatt. She more or less blew it off and Thomas being Thomas. Whatever that means.  Also I want to take a moment to mention that Bill and Katie had a scene this week that added nothing to the storyline be it movement or depth. They were just kind of… there. Pretty much the story of their lives in 2015. Back to Thomas, he headed off to a yearly physical and happened upon the same floor Caroline and Ridge were having their first sonogram. It was plotty as hell but I’ll allow it because it was meaningful. Giving Thomas the chance to see his unborn child even as he or she is being kept away from him. The sweet moment for Caroline turned into shock when she saw him standing in the door. How much longer do you think she’ll be able to hide the truth?

This week Nicole and Maya await the results of a pregnancy test, Liam is told viable information and Steffy plays peacemaker.

Performer of the Week: Anna Maria Horsford

Line of the Week: “I was taught that you should marry a good man. A strong, god fearing man. A man to lead the family. And I did that. I married Julius Avant and I let him lead my family… to the detriment of my family.” –Vivienne Avant

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