General Hospital Spoilers: December 7, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sam exposes Elizabeth’s lies, but will it cost her a relationship with Patrick? Also: Johnny returns to Port Charles and teams up with Lulu, Nikolas and Elizabeth brace themselves for the worst, Monica has a great idea and Robin makes a mistake that may cost her. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 7, 2015.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Truth and Consequences

A combative Sam shows up at Elizabeth’s house to confront her with her suspicions that she’s known the truth about Jason’s identity! Things get downright nasty between the two as they hurl accusations at the other. Liz does her best to deflect Sam by accusing her of paranoia but it only makes Sam more determined. When Jason shows up and asks what’s going on, Sam demands Liz tell him the truth. Unfortunately for Sam, Jason stands by the woman he loves, coming to Elizabeth’s defense and asks Sam to leave, but not before making it clear to Sam that they have no future together!

Liz believes she’s in the clear, but Jason takes off after Sam, unable to shake the feeling that things aren’t adding up. When he finds Sam he asks her to explain her side. When Jason returns, he confronts Elizabeth about her deceit! Unable to withstand the pressure of the house of lies crumbling, Elizabeth confesses. How will Jason react? Later, Jason turns to his old friend Sonny and fills him in on recent events. What wise words of advice will the Teflon Don provide? By week’s end, Elizabeth warns Nikolas that the truth is out and they must brace for the fallout.

Johnny Be Good

Johnny returns to Port Charles and pays a visit to his newly separated ex-girlfriend. He turns to Lulu for help, she turns to him for revenge! More determined than ever, Lulu makes a deal with Johnny and dangerous alliance is formed. Later after Dillon announces his surprising plans, he comes to the wrong conclusion about Johnny. Meanwhile, Valerie asks Dante what his true intentions are with her. Later, the impromptu couple are interrupted during a rather awkward of moment.

Also this week:

  • While Anna and Mac follow up on her suspicions about Paul, Paul acts on his suspicions about her. Monica comes up with an idea for a charitable donation that conflicts with Paul’s plans. Ava surprises herself with her own reaction to Quartermaine news.
  • Patrick assures Emma of their future with Sam. When Patrick decides to calls the shots, will he be left mending a broken heart? Meanwhile, Robin’s failure results in her living on borrowed time.
  • Julian reminds Ava that underestimating Sonny could prove to be disastrous.
  • Recovery isn’t happening as quickly as an impatient Sonny had hoped.
  • Hayden and Nikolas call a truce.
  • Michael makes a covert attempt to learn more about Sabrina’s pregnancy.
  • Olivia goes ballistic.
  • Morgan gets reckless with his meds.

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Source Sneak Peek: December 14th

A fired up Carly gives Elizabeth a sizable piece of her mind while Franco eavesdrops. Patrick and Emma discover a clue about Robin’s disappearance in Paris, and later team up with Anna and Robert! Nina comes up with a plan to get Crimson some publicity. Monica notices something interesting about Sabrina’s sonogram.

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