‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow


Dangerous Liasons

Liz’s lies have finally been exposed. Though Sam (and to a lesser extent Carly) planted the seeds of doubt, it was Liz who caved and actually told the truth. I don’t think she’s cut out for this big of a deception. Not to say that Liz has always been a saint. She hasn’t. But this scheme was a little extreme for her to undertake. It’s something Carly or Sonny would do but a bit out of character for her. Liz changed who she was in order to gain Jason’s love instead of allowing him the the opportunity to instead earn her love.

The character of Liz has taken a beating this year and the fan favorite has suffered some damage as a result. Rebecca Herbst has been flawless and quite the trooper with this story line but the writers choice to have Liz do something so villainous has soured many viewers. That being said, I think that Liz’s exposure opens up some new story possibilities for the flawed anti-heroine. There are some interesting things ahead for Liz as she continues to hit her rockbottom. I’m hoping this leads to Liz making some much needed changes and learning to love herself more as well as trust that someone can love her back.

As for Jason, the question on everyone’s mind is whether he’ll run to Sam’s arms or try to forgive Liz. Jason doesn’t remember being in love with Sam and hasn’t fallen back in love with her either…at least not yet. He did however fall in love with Liz even if it was somewhat based on a huge lie. This is where it will all get tricky. As Jason pointed out, when he discovered who he really was, he didn’t automatically leave Liz for Sam. Had the secret not been kept, he very well could have still chosen to be with Liz and not Sam anyways. Are his current feelings for Liz strong enough to overcome her lies? And even if he does forgive her, there is still the issue as to whether he can learn to trust her again too.

Tricks Are For Kids

The fallout from Liz’s lies didn’t just impact Liz and Jason’s relationship. Sam’s obsession with exposing Liz also effected her own relationship with Patrick. After reassuring Patrick and Emma that she still wanted to move forward with their family plans, she put the possibility that she could have what she lost with Jason back before them. Readers, I love the Samtrick pairing but Patrick was right to end things with Sam. As hard as their break-up was on themselves, it was even harder on little Emma. She was destroyed when her latest glimpse of having a two parent household was taken away. I hope that Frank Valentini bought Brooklyn Silzer a pony for Christmas because those scenes had to be hard for the little girl to film.

The painful scenes between Sam, Patrick and Emma were the best scenes of the week. It’s a rarity for soaps to show the effect that divorces and break-ups have on children. It’s story that is usually saved for the bitter teenager if it’s even address at all. Robin’s absence has been rough on Emma. She may be a smart little girl but she isn’t able to look at the situation the same that the adults do. All that she knows is that every mother she has ever had has left her. This last break-up is too much for her and she wants Robin back now. She breaks down in Patrick’s arms repeatedly screaming, “I need Mommy!” A quick call to her mother provides her with no comfort either as Robin tells her she can’t come home. Viewers know though that, with Kimberly McCullough’s return to help usher Thompson off the GH canvas, a family reunion could be in the cards Emma after all.

Couples of the Week: Johnny and Lulu, Sam and Patrick, Liz and Jason

Family scenes of the week: Julian and Alexis consoling Sam, Sam and Patrick telling a distraught Emma they had called off their engagement

Line of the week: “I don’t understand why people love each other and don’t stay together.”-Emma
“If I can’t shot it, fly it or sell it, it really doesn’t interest me.”-Jerry
“So tell me is this guy at least out of high school?”-Julian

Best dressed: Nathan West wearing a Floating Rib bib while speaking French

Video of the Week: Aiden explains how this whole Santa Claus thing works.

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