Days of our Lives Spoilers: January 11, 2016 Edition (Photos)

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This week on Days of our Lives, Chad proposes to Abigail! Also: Rafe risks everything to protect a traumatized Hope; Melanie returns to Salem. Get the latest DAYS scoop in our Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of January 11, 2016.

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Will You Marry Me?

Chad makes a big step towards solidifying his future with Abigail when he proposes to her! It’s an impromptu action, brought on as a result of the moment between them at the hotel. Abigail is caught off guard but ultimately happily accepts! Unfortunately, the young couple’s happiness is short-lived when Andre makes an appearance and catches them together! Andre learns his conditioning has been broken and a defiant Chad stands up to his older brother. Chad may have won the battle but the war is far from over. Andre has more tricks up his sleeve in his quest to regain control of the DiMera family fortune.

The Moments After

In the aftermath of losing Daniel, emotions are running high. Eric finally regains consciousness but has to contend with a furious Nicole, who angrily tears into him for causing Daniel’s death. Meanwhile, Brady is devastated when he learns about Daniel’s death and has to contend with the reality that Daniel’s heart now beats inside of him. Later, Brady has a heated confrontation with Eric, who is wracked with guilt over his role in the accident.

Meanwhile, Victor tries to console a grieving Maggie. When Melanie returns to Salem, Maggie tries to be strong, but their pain is worn on their sleeves. Elsewhere, Nicole continues to be affected by the loss of Daniel, and subsequently, losing Parker as a result of him going to live with Chloe.

Brady’s emotions are all over the map, and an odd dream involving Nicole could lead to unexpected complications for him in more ways than one.

Also This Week

  • The aftermath of Hope and Stefano’s epic confrontation begins. Rafe offers his help to a traumatized Hope, but how far will he go to protect the woman he loves?
  • Chase confides in Claire.
  • Ava drops a bombshell on Steve that could have severe implications for his future.
  • Theo continues to be taunted by cruel messages at school.
  • Eduardo gives John crucial information.
  • Victor reacts mysteriously when Caroline shares the details about her new vision.
  • Andre is suspicious of Hope.
  • Jennifer tries to hide her pain.

Days of our Lives Photo Preview // © JPI Studios

Source Sneak Peek: Week of January 18, 2016

Emmy winner Vincent Irizarry debuts as Deimos Kiriakis. What is the story behind the twisted history between Victor and Deimos? Brandon Beemer reprises his role as Shawn Brady, who returns to Salem at the request of his daughter. John finds himself in a dangerous situation. JJ and Gabi’s relationship progresses with a kiss!

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