General Hospital Spoilers: February 1, 2016 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sam finds herself in a dangerous situation. Also: Nikolas grows suspicious of his bride to be, Sonny is introduced to his new doctor, Kristina lets Molly in on her secret, Robert and Anna’s friends come to their rescue. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 5, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Suspicious Minds

After finding out that Jake has been the one faking the mysterious stalker, Sam finds herself in danger when she takes a stumble down the stairs. Will Sam’s attempt to save herself make the situation worse? Sam will have more than just her injuries from her fall to deal with. Meanwhile, Liz and Jason panic as they realize the extent of their son’s troubles. Is Jake really a bad seed or is he just in need of art therapy? Will Jake’s guilty conscience kick in as Sam’s life hangs by a thread? Clues will begin to drop as to what’s really behind Jake’s behavior.

Nikolas may have agreed to marry Hayden but he sure doesn’t trust her. When put to the test will Hayden pass? Don’t expect things to be go well for the couple when they take things to the next level. How long will Hayden be able to avoid Nikolas suspicions?

Paul issues a threat that garners quite the reaction from Ava. As Ava continues to go up against her nemesis, Kiki agrees to put her trust in Sonny. Things get complicated for Sonny when he meets his new doctor. General Hospital’s newest staff member has a connection to someone in Port Charles and just who that is may surprise you.

Also this week:

Morgan and Kiki have agreed to take it slow beginning with a date. Will the evening lead to romance or disaster? Look for things to cool off between them just as it starts to get hot. Meanwhile, the side effects of Morgan’s medication continue to be an obstacle for him.

  • When Kristina pushes her professor’s buttons, will it make her situation better or worse? Later, Kristina shares the details of her educational troubles with Molly.
  • Inspired by #Boobgate, Nina comes up with an idea for the next issue of Crimson. Julian reacts exactly as anticipated. Later, a playful romp between Nina and Franco leads to a serious discussion.
  • Lulu want to save her marriage but Dante feels they’ve both gone too far and divorce is the only option. But they’re situation shifts after a romantic moment between them. Valerie’s decided to move on but just who is the lucky new man in her life?
  • Scotty shocks Laura with something unexpected.
  • Mac and Felicia come to Robert and Anna’s rescue.
  • Michael gets a clear picture of Sabrina’s intentions.

Source Sneak Peek: February 8th-12th

Maxie and Nathan reach a new level in their relationship, but there’s a hitch. Due to the recent events, Nikolas offers Liz and her boys refuge at Wyndemere. Citizens of Port Charles gather for the reading of Helena’s will. Epiphany takes on a surprising new role.

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