Gays of our Lives: Better ‘Days’ Ahead?

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Season: 46 -- Pictured: (l-r) Chandler Massey as Will Horton, Freddie Smith as Jackson Sonny Kiriakis -- (Photo by: Michael Desmond/NBC)


American Crime: After his attack, Taylor’s life continues to unravel, especially after he’s threatened to keep quiet about what happened. As his desperation grows, Taylor sneaks off to Nate’s where he gets a gun and lives are put in danger. And whatever happens with Taylor, someone is definitely going to die. Meanwhile, Eric is guilty about his role in Taylor’s attack and hooks up with a stranger and finds himself being victimized himself.


EastEnders: Ben is stunned to learn that Abi is pregnant, but it’s not long before he gets suspicious that she might be lying since he was about to dump her. But when Abi produces a positive pregnancy test, Ben has no choice but to believe her. Still, Ben plans to dump Abi and start a life with Paul, the man he loves.

However, after talking to his family and an ugly incident with Phil, Ben has a change of heart and decides to focus his life on taking care of Abi and the baby, even though Ben already has a child he completely ignores and wants nothing to do with.


Paul, of course, is hurt that he’s been dumped again.


Emmerdale: Cain and Chas look into Aaron’s childhood, hoping to find something that might prove his rape accusations against Gordon. Meanwhile, the police continue investigating Aaron’s begin to search for Saundra, Gordon’s ex-wife and Aaron’s former stepmother. Chas is upset when the police can’t track her down. She’s stunned to get support from Robert of all people, who encourages her not to give up for Aaron’s sake. Moved by Robert’s devotion to Aaron, Chas asks Robert for a very big favor.


Holby City: After being cleared by the police, Dom returns to work ready to put the drama with Lee behind him, only to find out that Lee has fired a complaint against him in regards to the cancer treatment he received while under Dom’s care as well as how Dom handled Allison’s case. Sascha is given the task of looking into what happened before a formal investigation is launched.


Shadowhunters: Magnus is tasked with helping to heal Luke after his attack by a fellow werewolf, but the effort might be too much for the warlock to handle. Meanwhile, Alec and Isabelle’s demanding mother gives her children a dangerous mission. Clary is upset when Magnus and Luke reveal some of the ugliness of her mother’s past. And despite all the danger and magic casting, Alec and Magnus find time to share a special moment.


American Crime: Taylor’s tragic fate has Anne turning to Sebastian for revenge; Eric’s school and home life is turned asunder by the death at Leyland.

EastEnders: Ben drops a bombshell on Abi.

Emmerdale: Robert and Aaron team up for an important mission.

Hollyoaks: Scott’s scheme is exposed, but that’s not all he’s hiding.

Shadowhunters: Alec, Jace and Clary finally learn where the Mortal Cup is hidden.  But can they get to it before anyone else?

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  1. Now that EE has hired the actor,Ted Reilly, to play NuJohnny, I’d say he and Jonny Labey (Paul) look like they’d complement each other pretty well.

  2. You’re question about “why EE had Ben out all night picking up guys when he’s so love with Paul” will be answered in the coming week. It plays into
    Abi faking her pregnancy and her plan now to actually get pregnant. It’s
    actually a pretty good twist and causes more trouble in her dastardly plotting.

  3. The guy who came upon Ben and Abi in the caf (EastEnders) is “Jordan Johnson.” He’s a recast of a character from several years ago and has a history with both Ben and Abi. Jordan is actually Abi’s first “boyfriend” from a brief *tween* romance when they each experienced their first kiss. As boys, Jordan and Ben didn’t get along. Ben even knocked Jordan out once, and he ended up in a coma in the hospital.

    EE has been playing that Jordan would be returning since early January. He’s Denise’s step-son from her bad marriage to serial killer, Lucas Johnson. Lucas asked Denise to come visit him in prison, where he begged her to check up on Jordan, since he’s been getting in trouble with drugs and gangs. Jordan’s now staying with the Fox-Hubbard family and to everyone’s surprise already has a young son of his own, “J.J.”

    Here’s a sample of young Ben vs. Jordan:

  4. Anthony, your Teasers for Next Week about American Crime seems to contain a major spoiler about Taylor. Not cool!

  5. Maybe days will pull another ‘It was all a dream’! Ha.
    EE: poor Paul… I wonder if Johnny coming back kicks Ben’s bum into action: Johnny and Paul as a couple makes lots of sense.
    Emmerdale: hate and love, two sides of the same coin.
    Holby: never a truer word spoken, Lee is fit with bells on!
    SL: they clearly want Keller to be the bad guy that forces Lari/Ellastone back together. They were a terrible couple though.
    Thank as always ADL

  6. Would I be shocked if “General Hospital” completely forgot about the scene Alexis had with Julian when he was struggling with Lucas being gay and point blank asked her how she’d react to one of her daughters coming out and Alexis pretty much had no problem with it?

    Sadly, no.

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