Gays of our Lives: Better ‘Days’ Ahead?

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Season: 46 -- Pictured: (l-r) Chandler Massey as Will Horton, Freddie Smith as Jackson Sonny Kiriakis -- (Photo by: Michael Desmond/NBC)

Are the gays of Days of Our Lives about to make a comeback? Perhaps.

Christopher Sean, who plays Paul Narita recently tweeted that Paul was about to get a new storyline as well as hinted in a interview that Paul was going to have a difficult time ahead. And it looks like that difficult time might involve Paul’s ex-lover Sonny Kiriakis.

After it being heavily rumored for the past week or so, Jason47 of Daytime Royalty confirmed on Facebook at Freddie Smith is back at Days as Sonny. However, there has been on official word from Smith or the show, nor is it known how long Sonny is back for. But those that isn’t the only news about the gays of Days that has fans interested.

Last week, rumors of the return of Chandler Massey, whose portrayal of Will won him three Daytime Emmys, began to surface on several soap blogs and websites, stemming from Massey’s agent being cagey online as to whether the actor was coming back to Days.

If this is true, Massey would be reclaiming the role after it taken over by Guy Wilson until the actor, who never gelled as NuWill, was fired and Will was killed off late last year. Of course there are many wondering how they could bring back Will when he died on screen, but they forget that back in the 90’s this show killed off half the cast on screen and had them turn up alive and well on an island a few months later. Bringing Will back to life is child’s play.

My idea? Sonny should return to Salem and he and Paul should rekindle their romance and fall in love again. Then Massey’s Will would turn up alive and we’d learn that Will was replaced with a double around the time Guy Wilson took over and it was that Will who was murdered. It would explain why Will suddenly became insecure and started cheating on Sonny, not to mention all the shady things he did, leaving Sonny torn between the love he’d found again and the love he’d thought he’d lost.

And thus begins a new, sexy steamy triangle.


American Crime (U.S.)

Every week this show has an emotionally draining scene or two that has left me shocked, astounded or horrified. And last week it was the painful to watch moment between Eric’s parents where Eric’s mother basically said she’d rather have a dead straight son than an a live gay one.

Then added that Eric was dead to her anyway because he couldn’t be ‘fixed’ or wouldn’t get better i.e. go straight. But the topper? Her asking Eric’s dad if he’d molested Eric because that would explain why he turned out gay. Awful, but these conversations probably happen in more homes than we’d like to think.

I also couldn’t get oTAYLORver that lengthy scene where Coach Chris preached to the team about accepting Eric only for one player to say ‘you mean we gotta shower with him’? The stunned and disgusted look on Chris’ face was perfectly played.

Though it’s hard to feel sorry for Eric after he set Taylor up to be beaten. And the thing is, even though Eric doesn’t realize it is the team still won’t accept him. And how do they think they’re going to get away with it?

If Taylor reports them, that phone call can be traced right back to Eric. And there’s no way Taylor didn’t see his attackers. Seems like a dumb plan to me.

Out of all the awful people on this show, I think ignorant, misogynist Kevin might be one of the worst. I’m looking forward to his downfall.

I’m not ashamed to confess I found that creepy scene with Taylor and his new boyfriend kind of hot. Disturbing yes, but still hot.

EastEnders (U.S.)

That cute little wink Ben gave Paul and then Abi doing it to Ben right as she announced her clearly faked pregnancy was awesomABI2e. I literally laughed out loud. It was deliciously soapy. I’m usually against soaps giving gay men babies, but since it’s obviously a faked pregnancy, I’m actually okay with it. It’s fun.

However, Abi’s plan has a big flaw. What makes her think Ben will drop everything and be her baby daddy? Has she already forgotten that Ben already has a child he could care less about? Why would he want to be a father to this baby when he saw his first child every day for a couple of years and didn’t give a damn?

But I do get why Abi is so clingy to Ben and why she could concoct this tragic scheme. Even though he was using her as a beard, Ben’s treated her better than her own family, who has always crapped all over her. So her obsession with him, while sad, is rooted in story and character.

I’m curious though, if Ben is so in love with Paul then why was he is he out picking up men? And Ben didn’t offer any real explanation as to why he’s screwing around on both his girlfriend and his secret boyfriend. Even if Paul gets Ben (no real prize, IMO), he should be very wary.

So who is this guy from Ben’s past? He obviously knows Ben (when different actors were playing the roles, I guess). Any details? I’m betting though he’ll be Abi’s next boyfriend after she’s through making Ben miserable, but Ben will hate it and interfere, creating drama for Ben and Paul down the line.

Jay is kind of full on for a girl he just met. Things are moving way too fast. Clearly this relationship is going to be a complete disaster for him. But it’s nice to see him in a story all his own.

Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. The page for this week aren’t loading!

  2. Now that EE has hired the actor,Ted Reilly, to play NuJohnny, I’d say he and Jonny Labey (Paul) look like they’d complement each other pretty well.

  3. You’re question about “why EE had Ben out all night picking up guys when he’s so love with Paul” will be answered in the coming week. It plays into
    Abi faking her pregnancy and her plan now to actually get pregnant. It’s
    actually a pretty good twist and causes more trouble in her dastardly plotting.

  4. Isn’t that why Page 3 of the Column is labeled “THIS WEEK IN SPOILERS” ??

  5. The guy who came upon Ben and Abi in the caf (EastEnders) is “Jordan Johnson.” He’s a recast of a character from several years ago and has a history with both Ben and Abi. Jordan is actually Abi’s first “boyfriend” from a brief *tween* romance when they each experienced their first kiss. As boys, Jordan and Ben didn’t get along. Ben even knocked Jordan out once, and he ended up in a coma in the hospital.

    EE has been playing that Jordan would be returning since early January. He’s Denise’s step-son from her bad marriage to serial killer, Lucas Johnson. Lucas asked Denise to come visit him in prison, where he begged her to check up on Jordan, since he’s been getting in trouble with drugs and gangs. Jordan’s now staying with the Fox-Hubbard family and to everyone’s surprise already has a young son of his own, “J.J.”

    Here’s a sample of young Ben vs. Jordan:


  6. Anthony, your Teasers for Next Week about American Crime seems to contain a major spoiler about Taylor. Not cool!

  7. Bloody autocorrect
    By Keller I mean Kalle and Ellastone (?!) is Elias.

  8. Maybe days will pull another ‘It was all a dream’! Ha.
    EE: poor Paul… I wonder if Johnny coming back kicks Ben’s bum into action: Johnny and Paul as a couple makes lots of sense.
    Emmerdale: hate and love, two sides of the same coin.
    Holby: never a truer word spoken, Lee is fit with bells on!
    SL: they clearly want Keller to be the bad guy that forces Lari/Ellastone back together. They were a terrible couple though.
    Thank as always ADL

  9. Would I be shocked if “General Hospital” completely forgot about the scene Alexis had with Julian when he was struggling with Lucas being gay and point blank asked her how she’d react to one of her daughters coming out and Alexis pretty much had no problem with it?

    Sadly, no.

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