Gays of our Lives: I’m Back! Did You Miss Me?

HTF- Season 3, Ep. 3



In soap news that is a long time in coming, UK soap EastEnders is finally recasting the role of gay teenager Johnny Carter.

Originally played by Sam Strike who left the role in late 2014 in part because he felt the show wasn’t using the character enough, show producers at the time said that they wouldn’t recast the part in hopes that Strike would return. Apparently they grew tired of waiting.

The show has just begun the search for a new Johnny so there’s no word on who will be playing the role and when he’ll arrive in town. You can’t help but wonder, of course, what effect this will have on current gay characters Ben Mitchell and Paul Coker.

Ben was infatuated with Johnny before Johnny left town to travel with his boyfriend Luca. And in that time Ben has fallen in love with Paul, though Ben is still closeted and dating clueless Abi.

Will Johnny come between Ben and Paul? Stay tuned.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives. We’ll be back with more clips, reviews and news next week.

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  1. I’m glad to follow you over Anthony. I will disagree slightly about Woz’ sexuality having nothing to do with him being a crooked cop. The impression I got, especially from them showing those black and white scenes from when Woz recruited Harley and what’s happening with the rookie that shot the unarmed man – this unit seems to be made up of people who tried to start out as good cops and got compromised. Harley by framing someone for murder and the rookie by shooting someone unarmed which left them vulnerable.

    Even though Woz seems to be okay with himself, he also doesn’t appear to be out to his crew even though he keeps calling them his family. It makes me think that someone found out about his sexuality when he was a younger cop and used that as leverage to ease him into the life of a dirty cop. I doubt if the drug dealer had seen him kissing a woman in the movie theater, the rest of the story would have played out quite so brutally.

    Maybe Magnus likes a challenge? For me it’s just nice to see Harry Shum get to do more. As much as I enjoyed his dancing on Glee, it’s nice to see him doing something else.

  2. I’m sad to see another piece of theBacklot gone. But I’m glad you didn’t disappear but merely moved.

  3. Glad you’ve found a new home Anthony – and I’m glad to have found it so I can keep in touch via your always perceptive coverage of the soaps here and abroad.

  4. Agree with Ryan, glad you’re still here.
    I wondered about Jude and the new kids in The Fosters too.
    Adds on Johnny rocks up and Paul ends up with him.
    Emmer dale has been cracking.
    Loving HTF.

    But sorry Ryan, I’m all for Robron!

  5. I’m glad that your column didn’t disappear.

    AC: My guess is that Kevin spiked Taylor’s drink in order to embarrass him. Eric then went ahead with his plans with Taylor either not noticing or not caring that Taylor was more out of it than could be explained by a few beers.

    ED: The juxtaposition between the happy day at the beach and the tearful confession was powerful. More shows need to learn that characters need moments of happiness to create a feeling of loss when the sad parts come.

    The only explanation that I have for Gordon is hubris: he thought that he had gotten away with the rapes and could safely try to rebuild his failed marriage.

    I don’t care how “genuine” Robert’s feelings are. He’s not what Aaron needs in a partner.

    EE: I’m glad that Johnny will be coming back. It’s always awkward when a character leaves under circumstances that don’t prevent them from coming back to visit for important events.

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