‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: It’s Complicated


Sinners and Saints

Screenshot 2016-02-07 16.03.04Paging Dr. Griffin Munro! GH introduced its new neurosurgeon this week. Matt Cohen is both handsome and talented. I think I’m going to like Lucas’ old med school buddy. We’ve only been given a glimpse of Griffin but a few things were instantly made apparent about his character. He is a good guy with a kind heart who feels called to help others. He also lost someone close to AIDS. Griffin’s connection to Port Charles is obviously Stone, a pleasantly surprising twist.

Attaching Griffin to Stone works for a couple of reasons. It connects the character to a very popular and defining story line from GH’s history, striking the right emotional cord for long time viewers. I also like the connection to Sonny which I know seems kind of weird coming from me. GH has been trying to force a resurgence of the bromance between Sonny and Jason 3.0 and I’m not here for that for various reasons. Both the godfather and hitman need characters to anchor them away from the rinse and repeat of tales from mobland. Stone’s story was a time when Sonny was more human and compassionate. I think Sonny needs someone that values human life and won’t sugar-coat a violent lifestyle. I know it’s a stretch that GH would actually give its lead a relationship like that but here’s hoping!

A Hard Pill To Swallow

GH has a few pairings they are really trying to turn into supercouples, particularly young lovers Morgan and Kiki and newlyweds Hayden and Nik. I’m just not feeling either couple though despite the major screen time and story line. This is nothing against the actors who are all fabulous at what they do. It’s an issue with the current story not clicking with the history.

I originally loved Nik and Hayden’s sexy relationship but the transition from lust to love lacks explanation. Why would Hayden start developing feelings for Nik after he had her shot in the head? What exactly is the attraction there? And what is Nik’s attraction to her? In the last few years, Nik has been bounced from being completely in love with Liz to Britt to sort of Liz to sort of Britt again then sort of Liz now Hayden. Did I get that right? Anyways, Hayden now seems more like nuBritt than an individual new character. What’s suppose to make this romance believable? I think this would have worked better had love been left out of it a while longer and the story was more about sex and scheming. I did find the Medieval Times wedding in Vegas amusing though.

GH has been really pushing Morgan and Kiki for awhile now. The characters have made some really good improvements individually but I’m still not a fan of the pairing. There’s just too much baggage for me personally to get past. Why would Kiki want Morgan after he has repeatedly slept with her mother and after he has gotten her into some bad situations? And no, Morgan’s bipolar disorder isn’t good enough reason to let all that slide. I also have trouble understanding why Morgan still wants Kiki. The fact that she dumped him for his brother isn’t mentioned anymore but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Sure sometimes one has to suspend belief when it comes to the soap universe but that’s a lot of stuff to forget. They do work as friends though.

I liked GH addressing some of the unfortunate side effects of Morgan’s medication, giving an explanation to why he would not take his pills. He’s young and wants to enjoy the energy that comes with youth instead of being numb. I think his story might actually be better if he were paired with Darby, the potential bad influence his parents hate. And Darby wouldn’t have to be dumbed down the way that Kiki has to make a relationship with Morgan seem plausible.

Couples of the week: Franco and Nina, Parker and Kristina

Lines of the week: “What’s the focus of your project?”-Alexis “Sex and power.”-Parker

“I’m officially the most screwed up Corinthos.”-Kristina

“You only have like 55 minutes so I would just be in the way.”-Scotty

“Be happy. I can’t bear to think of you any other way.”-Lulu

“It’s not really our demo.”-Julian “Really? You never had a problem with scantily clad women before?”-Nina

Scene stealer of the week: The Jester

Scenes of the week: Franco and Nina’s baby talk.

For a peek at what’s happening this week, check out our General Hospital Spoilers.

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