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Sex and the Single #DavisGirl

Screenshot 2016-02-13 08.58.57“Kristina, you’re gay!” exclaimed Molly upon finding out that Parker is a woman. But is Kristina gay? It seems she hasn’t really defined her sexuality yet. Maybe Kristina is bi-sexual or even just exploring her sexual curiosity a bit. Kristina’s parents both know she’s lying about why she’s not in school. As Sam warns her, their mother in particular knows something is up. I don’t think Alexis knowing the truth is what Kristina is most afraid of though. I think the person that she really wants to stay in the dark is Sonny. What would her macho mobster daddy think if he found out she had the hots for her female professor?

The other side to Kristina wanting to keep her feelings for Parker a secret is that she’s still trying to figure it all out herself. As apparent from her conversation with Brad and Lucas, she isn’t really sure what her school girl crush on Parker means about her own sexuality. I feel like Kristina hasn’t really felt the need to put herself into any categories until recently. This could be a coming out story line or it could be more about breaking some of the stereotypes and limitations put on love and sex. This is one of the best stories on GH right now and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Playing Cupid

I think almost everyone can agree that Lulu and Dante needed to be shaken up a bit but their break-up story just had too many elements that didn’t make sense. There were some nice moments and great stuff from the actors but overall it was too confusing to really connect with. The many characters involved keep pointing out that Dante wouldn’t have cheated in the first place if the marriage didn’t already have issues but what issues? We’ve been told about these issues but not shown them and that in itself is an issue.

A couple of week’s ago Lulu made one last ditch effort to save her marriage. Candlelight, a red dress and a stroll down memory lane appeared to do the trick at first but then reality set in. Lulu and Dante decided to move on with their lives separately because they couldn’t move backwards. Those scenes were well done and gave a respectful ending (for now) to the super couple’s love story. But breaking up may be hard to do if their best friends have anything to say about it. Nathan and Maxie have moved in together but the house is a little crowded with Lulu and Rocco also there. Dividing time between Dante and Lulu is also kind of a downer. So Nathan and Maxie locked Lulu and Dante in room hoping they’ll get back together again. Though the reason may be a little bit selfish, I do think that Nathan and Maxie also feel Lulu and Dante belong together. Their friends’ relationship was something that they held up as an ideal. We’ll find out this week if their plan was a success or not.


A lot of fans enjoyed Friday’s episode of GH for various reasons. There was less mob, a lot of popular characters that aren’t shown enough, family bonding and little bit of romance. It was also perhaps the most diverse episode of GH ever. Lucas and Brad made an appearance (aren’t they adorable?) and offered Kristina some good advice. Jordan, TJ, Andre, Curtis and Valerie were all in the same bar talking to each other. Seriously all these characters were in the same episode! Now I don’t think GH needs to be diverse for just the sake of saying “Hey, look at us! We’re diverse!” but it’s nice to see the myth that soaps shouldn’t be diverse debunked. Soap fans come in all shapes, sizes, races, backgrounds, lifestyles and ages. Mirroring the audience seems like a natural thing for soaps to do but it seems the genre has been reluctant to do it. Historically soaps have been the ones to push the envelope before anyone else. They brought to light issues regarding race and homosexuality before primetime did. Currently we’re seeing a lot more diversity on television and that’s not because of something soaps did. It’s because primetime shows such as Empire and Blackish are doing well. It’s the soaps that need to catch up now.

Couples of the week: Lucas and Brad, Sam and Jason, Maxie and Nathan

Lines of the Week: “Tell your friend to be brave.”-Lucas

“I’m asking for a friend.”-Kristina

“The fox is in the henhouse.”-Maxie

“I thought you were a coffee importer.”-Griffin

“Clearly he’s mixing fantasy with these deep upsetting emotions.”-Liz “Well he’s probably high as kite right?”-Franco

For a look at what’s ahead, check out our General Hospital Spoilers.

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  1. Thanks for commenting Caitie Rose! When you explain the Lante situation it makes sense but all that didn’t really come through with this latest story did it? Anyways I’m excited to see what lies ahead for them now!

  2. And then there’s the Dante and Lulu story. Yes, I think most of us agree that they needed some shaking up – but NOT in the character-damaging, plot-driven way in which this story played out (for all three principals – Dante, Lulu AND Valerie). In this story, many beats were either missed or downplayed- but some were there – just not emphasized enough to call enough needed attention to them.

    Those “issues” between Dante and Lulu were there – buried deep in the rest of the story – along with some character development points which went mostly unnoticed – but more about those another day. What I’m writing next is what I had planned to write when your weekly review first appeared and when a busy schedule intervened. So while some of what I am about to say is coincidentally reflected in the Dante/Lulu scenes on February 15, my words were written before those scenes aired. So, speaking to the barely-mentioned “issues,” I go back to a lovely and important conversation that Dante and Lulu
    had in August 2012 – a conversation which began with Lulu being concerned that their marriage wouldn’t last because they were “fighting all the time.” The “issues” were Dante’s jealousy (specifically of Johnny); his protectiveness of Lulu; her penchant for making impulsive decisions; her focus on her Spencer family and her need to be part of their history of adventure; her need for adrenaline; and the negative impact of what happens to their relationship when they lie or keep secrets. The conversation ended beautifully – but still a bit tentatively with Dante not promising forever but with a wish to love each other. Do any of these “issues” sound familiar in light of what we are seeing in their present story?

    And then we moved into a couple of years of baby stories and external crises – and I thought that, with more time together as a established, older married couple, those “issues” raised in 2012 were definitely behind them. It seems the writers didn’t think so; and, early in 2015, they began to revisit them. First Dante’s jealously of Johnny in January – and his protectiveness about Lulu being with him – a jealousy and protectiveness which rankled Lulu. Then, in March, we saw signs emerging of Lulu’s penchant for acting impulsively and running into danger to be part of a Spencer family crisis (leaving the experienced cop behind with an unconscious Valerie and running to an armed and mentally unbalanced “Fluke” at the convalescent home).

    Lulu’s impulsive nature – her single-minded focus on her family – her love of adrenaline – all came into play to a greater degree when she took off to Canada in June. As did the jealous side of Dante’s nature when he overreacted to the mess in the hotel room in BC.

    In his conversation with Valerie on July 4 – before both he and Valerie gave into anger, loneliness and temptation, Dante talked about some of these “issues” – a conversation which was possibly lost in the surprise and disappointment that Dante had actually cheated on Lulu.

    But the biggest issue was the mutual breakdown of trust – and the beginning of lies and secrets which have proven to be this couple’s undoing whenever they had major crises in their early years. And, even if there weren’t issues before Lulu’s Canadian escapade and Dante’s cheating, there certainly are enough issues AFTER these events for the Falconeris to work through.

    In conclusion, there is some historical precedent for these issues in Dante and Lulu’s characters and in their relationship. However, the writers did the story, the characters and the fans a disservice by not fleshing out these “issues” – and other character development and POV – in telling this plot-driven,
    character-twisting tale.

  3. I’m late to the party, but want to comment on this excellent review before it’s time for a new one to be posted.

    First, I really appreciate the beautiful tribute to Becky Herbst’s talent and Elizabeth Webber’s history on General Hospital. So I join many others in hoping that the contract impasse can be resolved and that we will continue to enjoy both the actress and her character in Port Charles.

    I agree that the rescue scenes were anemic – and lost even more luster because this was second time in a few weeks that we had weakly-staged rescue scenes from a burning building. I did find, though, that there was a sweet tenderness to the Jason and Sam scenes at the end of the week – scenes which
    reinforced for me that the writers need to allow Billy Miller to leave behind any attempts at being “Stone Cold.” This former Jason persona simply does not work for him.

    Kristina’s story interests me as well; and, like you, I see this arc as being more about her exploring her sexuality than about confirming it. As an additional comment, her scenes with Brad and Lucas were among my favorite scenes of the week.

    Yes to the DIVERSITY presented! I LOVE the photo accompanying this article showing Jordan, Andre, Valerie, Curtis, and TJ. – And those scenes I enjoyed so much at the Floating Rib revealed interesting possibilities for each of the actors and characters involved. So I hope that GH will take time to delve deeper into the complex and varied relationships available to be explored here. Let’s hope those scenes were the beginning of some quality story and character-developing time for all involved.

  4. We have no idea what is actually going on as for SB he left because GH refused to pay him what he was worth and according to him he would have stayed if they met his terms which is what he said but my point wasn’t why they left just that RH leaving won’t do much to GH fans will move like they have with every other actor who left

  5. If Jelly wanted to move Liz to a better place, why in the heck did they write the Lake wedding proposal and almost marriage? Why not have Liz come clean about the stupid lie which she would have never done to Jason in the first place and allow the woman some dignity?

  6. SBu CHOSE to leave and is currently on Y&R, however, BH is being low balled by TIIC and she sure in heck does not deserve this!

  7. Is Emme an eighteen year veteran of the show and is currently being low balled by her employer? If so, then I expect there will be just as much outrage when the time comes, this article is about Rebecca Herbst!

  8. At no point did I say any of that or that I even want Jason and Liz together. I don’t. Complimenting Becky does not equate to bashing your ship. Thanks for commenting.

  9. What kills me is why do people who claim to be indifferent about this character or say she does not matter bother to post a damn thing about her? You know who I couldn’t care less about and FF her scenes just as soon as they come on? Olivia. And the proof of that is this is probably the first time I ever wrote out her name.

    Why do you and people like you feel the need to post about a character you care nothing for? And does it really pain you that much to admit she IS in fact popular and means something to so many people?

    If any veteran actor of any of the remaining soaps was going through such a public battle with their employers I would support them and their fans in any way I could – because losing that actor could only mean bad for soaps as a whole. And if my hatred for that character wouldn’t allow me to, at the very least I would stay out of it.

  10. GH is actually six weeks behind so all the jizam stuff that has aired is about a month behind RH situation

  11. Jiz crap is dead move on

  12. Hardly RH is great as Liz but if GH can survive SB I think they are safe with RH leaving yes she has fans but if she left tomorrow the fans would get over it actors come ago and RH leaving wouldn’t even cause a dent in the ratings she in irreplaceable nor does she have as many fans as you think

  13. Clearly the writer is a jiz fan which is why she felt the jasam scene were ok and that Jason didn’t meet their approval while RH and this horrible jiz crap was Emmy worthy watching Liz and Jason is like listening to nails on a chalkboard the good thing is the show knows how bad jiz was and ended it. Although I do like Liz i don’t think GH will come to a halt if she left

  14. I’m mystified by this overly effusive praise of RH. She’s okay. She’s certainly not “the leading lady” or “the reason to tune in”. For me, she’s someone I ff about 50 percent of the time. I often find her scenes boring. I find her very average. All things being equal, I would be of the opinion that GH should keep her. But all things are not equal as evidenced, yet again, by this article. There is something about this woman that incites in a sure minority of fans, an over the top obsession. The only thing I have ever seen that compares is Jolie stans. And for me personally, I’m so tired of the rabid stans and the drama she brings. It gives me no pleasure to say that I wish she would take all of that drama and her stans and make them the problem of some other soap. God I’m so tired of it.

    But I doubt she’s leaving. I think there are some PR stunts being played here, probably by both sides. When all is said and done I believe she will resign and her stans will believe the show bowed to “The Army” and that will empower their delusions even more, and all of this will just get worse.

    If I’m wrong and she ends up going to Days, God bless them, they’ll need it.

    I really want to edit this to add, the most overlooked actor on this show this year has been Emme. She tore my heart out in many scenes. I personally believe she gave the best performance of the year on GH. And I’m not even a Lulu fan! I’m, meh, on Lulu. But she’s been incredibly and completely overlooked and a lot of that is due to this ridiculous cult of personality revolving around RH.

  15. Franco/RoHo needed to be integrated with the rest of the show and Liz works at the hospital, and Franco is Steven Lars’ half-brother. Liz/BH has been used to bring on new characters in the past and that will probably never change if she remains on the show. Also, Patrick/JT is gone and the show needs a contract doctor or finally put Lucas/RC on contract!

  16. You said everything I’ve been feeling re: what’s going on behind the scenes with BH. I couldn’t fully enjoy all the amazing character growth we got to see this week because of it. And the hope and optimism I once had for her character coming out of the big lie is now gone. It’s disheartening to know how little TPTB value this woman and her fans. Do they truly not realize popular she is? If so that says a lot about how disconnected they are from what and who the fans want to see.

    I’ve called the comment line twice now since the news broke. Something I’ve never done for any show or actor before ever. I hope with all this back lash GH has realized the error of their ways, and gives this longtime employee what she deserves.

  17. It really just seemed sort of like a knee-jerk “let’s give Lante angst” sort of story. Not very planned out. The story could have been so much better. Dom and Emme are great though.

  18. I love angst and really loved the storyline’s potential but from the start to the end Lulu and Dante’s story was forced, stupid and made no sense. I kept hearing they have been having problems but the fact is I didn’t see it and If I didn’t see it, I certainly can’t buy it. They could have done so much with this story and instead they completely torn apart the character of Dante to which he isn’t even Dante anymore and Lulu and Dante who had the most realistic relationship on the show is now in pieces. It’s really when your favorite character and or couple is on the front burner and the story is so bad.

  19. So true. And I agree, but I don’t think there’s enough intelligent thinking on this show to make that happen

  20. God no Liz Sam please poor Liz/RH would have to deal with the constant confused constipated or what the hell are my lines affect that the one who portrays Sam has exhibited since she came on gh. Let Jason/BM deal with that his affect is about the same now. Give Liz time with her boys then move her to the hot educated doc as long as he gives the hair grease/shoe polish back to sonny. No to Franco he looks about twenty years older than Liz he works better aesthetically with Carly or crazy eyes Nina they look the same age. Best of luck to Rebecca Hearbst should she leave the idiocy that is gh.

  21. Just my guess, but I think scenes were inserted. Or filmed out of sequence. Some days Billy had a limp & puffy face and others he didn’t and it was chronological.

  22. I think last week was probably written and film about 3-4 weeks ago so I don’t believe it had anything to do with Becky contract status. I think Jelly knew they needed to more Liz to a better place and away from that mess. Otherwise why bother introducing her to the new doctor and building her relationship with Franco? Maybe I’m just optimistic. Thanks for commenting!

  23. Nice catch! I think she’s really scared about how he’ll react.

  24. Something that interested me…..after Kristina spoke to Lucas/Brad she picked up her phone to call Sonny but chickened out on what she wanted to tell him. Ended up with just a happy valentines day, looks to me like she wanted to come out in some form to him but doesn’t have the guts yet.

  25. The triangle hasn’t been put to rest. It was written that way last week because of the Becky situation. Why else would they have Liz tell Jake what a wonderful person Sam is. The fact remains at several points in his young life Sam was a danger to Jake and no amount of retconning is going to make that go away. And for Jason to be so blase about the fact that Liz and her family, including his son, is homeless. that just makes him the worst interpretation of Jason ever–even at the height of his hitman days.

    The writers are contradicting themselves every day. There’s no consistency to this show. Billy Miller needs to get out before his award-winning reputation is shot.

    And next week we go back to full mobular. I’m not encouraged at all.

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