General Hospital Spoilers: March 14, 2016 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, will Nina and Maxie find out that Julian is behind Crimson’s disasters? Also: Kristina confides in her sister, Ava gets a surprise, Helena’s will is read, Epiphany warns Liz. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 14, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Crimson and Covers

Continuing with his plan to sabotage Crimson, Julian makes a move to ensure the fashion magazine’s failure. Julian must think fast when Nina and Maxie nearly find him out. As Maxie and Dillon face their fears, Nina comes up with a way to divert disaster. Nina’s personal life isn’t going any better and she calls Franco out on his mixed messages. Obrecht makes a case for Franco, who stands firm with his beliefs. Meanwhile, Alexis anticipates that Olivia’s Crimson cover will help her case. Lomax demands that Olivia and Alexis drop the lawsuit but will the ladies give in?

Growing up Corinthos

Sonny and Alexis get a lead on Kristina’s college secret. Will they find out about Kristina and Parker? Alexis tries to put Kristina at ease. Struggling with her situation, Kristina opens up to Molly about her confusing feelings.

Morgan continues to feel hopeless and can’t seem to recover. Meanwhile, Sonny comes through for Ava and Kiki but what’s his motive? Ava receives a gift that leaves her unnerved. Sonny has a plan in place for keeping Avery. How will Carly feel about Sonny’s scheme?

Also this week:

  • Nikolas, Sam, Laura, Alexis, Liz and Lulu are all left bewildered by Helena’s parting “gifts.” Laura fears that the other shoe is about to drop.
  • Anna realizes who Griffin is and why he’s been following her. Griffin is eager to learn more about one of the residents of Port Charles.
  • Nathan tells Dante the truth about Claudette. Dante fills Valerie in on his progress with Lulu.
  • Epiphany issues Liz a strong warning.
  • Sam hits the brakes with Jason.
  • Jordan is twigged by Andre’s closeness to another woman.

Source Sneak Peek: March 21st-March 25th

Sam and Jason opt for a fresh start in an unusual way. Spinelli uncovers a lead about Hayden’s true identity. Kristina struggles with her feelings for her professor. Anna’s conversation with Griffin leaves her wondering about his intentions.

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