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GH Reaction: Initial Thoughts on Michael Easton’s Fourth Character in Four Years

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Dr. Obrecht said in the March 22 episode, “Half my staff seems to think they’ve seen the ghost of Silas Clay.” She forgot the ghost of John McBain and Caleb Moorely/Stephen Clay too! Here’s my initial reaction to Michael Easton’s fourth character in four years, Dr. Hamilton Finn.

Dr. Finn, or Finn as he prefers to be called, is a highly respected infectious disease specialist. He’s confident and assertive. Yes, he strikes an uncanny resemblance to Silas Clay (as we were reminded by Elizabeth, Monica, Tracy and Dr. Obrecht) and Caleb/Stephen and John McBain, but that appears where the similarities end. It’s his second episode (for his fourth character in four years), but it already feels as if there’s a solid plan for Finn. Whereas the creation of Silas Clay was a haphazard, poorly planned disaster of epic proportions, it helps that the current creative team had this character in development months before Easton was cast in the role.

It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I don’t know if I believe that, but it feels as if the time away energized Michael Easton. There’s an engagement with Finn that was missing with Silas, likely a result of having characteristics to hold on to. Finn’s snarky, he’s fun. He’s also a little weird in a science way, which is cool. I’m curiously interested in his pet lizard named Roxy. I’m sure when that’s revealed, it’ll have me spitting out my Pellegrino!

The show needs new doctors; this shouldn’t be called into question. I mean, after all, why on earth would a show about a hospital not have doctors? Sure, there’s a wealth of history creative could’ve pulled from — the legendary Brewers, Hardys, Webbers are medical legacies. It would have been a great way to tie into the past of the show while launching a new generation of characters, but maybe there’s a reason for not going in that direction. Maybe they’ll go in that direction with new characters down the line (which is a not-so-subtle hint at a new piece we’re posting next month).

It’ll be important for this creative team to not fall into the trap of the previous – lazily shoehorning Easton into the familiarity of his previous roles. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see him play a version of his previous roles. I want to look at Finn and see a new character. I want to see Easton flex the acting chops that made him a fan favorite on Port Charles. Most of all, I want Finn to be exciting and complex. It helps to know the current creative has no plans to immediately throw him into a romance, choosing to establish the character first. Smart move. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

What are your thoughts on Michael Easton’s fourth character in four years? Leave a comment below and check out his first scenes from today’s episode!

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