GH Reaction: Initial Thoughts on Michael Easton’s Fourth Character in Four Years

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Dr. Obrecht said in the March 22 episode, “Half my staff seems to think they’ve seen the ghost of Silas Clay.” She forgot the ghost of John McBain and Caleb Moorely/Stephen Clay too! Here’s my initial reaction to Michael Easton’s fourth character in four years, Dr. Hamilton Finn.

Dr. Finn, or Finn as he prefers to be called, is a highly respected infectious disease specialist. He’s confident and assertive. Yes, he strikes an uncanny resemblance to Silas Clay (as we were reminded by Elizabeth, Monica, Tracy and Dr. Obrecht) and Caleb/Stephen and John McBain, but that appears where the similarities end. It’s his second episode (for his fourth character in four years), but it already feels as if there’s a solid plan for Finn. Whereas the creation of Silas Clay was a haphazard, poorly planned disaster of epic proportions, it helps that the current creative team had this character in development months before Easton was cast in the role.

It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I don’t know if I believe that, but it feels as if the time away energized Michael Easton. There’s an engagement with Finn that was missing with Silas, likely a result of having characteristics to hold on to. Finn’s snarky, he’s fun. He’s also a little weird in a science way, which is cool. I’m curiously interested in his pet lizard named Roxy. I’m sure when that’s revealed, it’ll have me spitting out my Pellegrino!

The show needs new doctors; this shouldn’t be called into question. I mean, after all, why on earth would a show about a hospital not have doctors? Sure, there’s a wealth of history creative could’ve pulled from — the legendary Brewers, Hardys, Webbers are medical legacies. It would have been a great way to tie into the past of the show while launching a new generation of characters, but maybe there’s a reason for not going in that direction. Maybe they’ll go in that direction with new characters down the line (which is a not-so-subtle hint at a new piece we’re posting next month).

It’ll be important for this creative team to not fall into the trap of the previous – lazily shoehorning Easton into the familiarity of his previous roles. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see him play a version of his previous roles. I want to look at Finn and see a new character. I want to see Easton flex the acting chops that made him a fan favorite on Port Charles. Most of all, I want Finn to be exciting and complex. It helps to know the current creative has no plans to immediately throw him into a romance, choosing to establish the character first. Smart move. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

What are your thoughts on Michael Easton’s fourth character in four years? Leave a comment below and check out his first scenes from today’s episode!

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  1. Unless his story line is going to be spectacular, I don’t want to see him again, especially anywhere near Sam. Out of all of his appearances, I preferred Silas & John McBain. The reason for Silas was because he helped Sam and as John McBain, he wasn’t afraid of Jason. Jason was accustomed to everyone bowing down to he and Sonny. But, not John. Also, his interactions with Sam as a potential suitor was disgusting. For me there was no true chemistry between the two. So, I don’t want Sam hooking up with him at all. I want Sam to grow even more because the foolishness of the writers almost destroyed General Hospital.

  2. the writers replaced Ron a few months ago. I though both silas and ric should have had better writing. silas bored me, but he was intriguing when he first started in 2013, so for me it was clearly a writing problem. ditto with hayden btw.

  3. I think they did just get new writers but don’t know if the story lines are airing yet…getting Easton to come back was a coup ! I have always wished when they look for a new character, that they would draw first from those who lost their jobs on AMC and OLTL, like they did with ‘Franco’, ‘Starr’ and ‘John McBain’. Genie is a gem for sure and I’m also glad that she is long term now !

  4. GH’s has newbie overload, so you must be right, finn. interesting.
    I REALLY think GH is going to have a writing regime change soon, i’m glad she’s signed long-term, she’s too good for off-screen GH.

  5. I was thinking there might be a bit of an age difference between Genie and Michael so looked that up…he’s 49 (!) and she is now 53, so not as much as I thought. I also had no clue he was sneaking up on 50, looks really good !

  6. Except when she stated that, she also said the character hadn’t appeared on screen yet. It will be interesting :-)

  7. might be paul with laura, since he’s pretending to be a ‘good guy’…

  8. I love Michael Easton. He’s an amazing actor, and is doing a great job with this new role. It’s definitely different from his other roles on the show.

  9. I think hes great.

  10. No, no and no Laura and Scotty not Laura and Finn

  11. Genie Francis is said to be getting a new love interest…’Laura’ and ‘Finn’ ??

  12. Was reading that Genie Francis is getting a new love interest but the character hadn’t debuted yet, that was about a month or so ago. That could be interesting…’Laura’ and ‘Finn’ :-)

  13. So far I’m liking Finn better than any of Michael’s characters since Caleb Morley. Both John McBain and Silas Clay were relatively straightforward good guys, and already Finn has more of a quirky edge. I’m hoping this will be a better opportunity for Michael to show off his acting chops. And I’m wondering if his lizard Roxy is somehow related to the old Roxy on OLTL.

  14. ‘Roxy’ is the name of his former mother-in-law (OLTL). Maybe they can throw us viewers a bone and tie that in somehow…or even have that ‘Roxy’, now Ava’s mother, show up for another guest appearance.

  15. I am so glad he is back. I liked Silas but they did a terrible job on the writing for that character. I feel is an asset to General Hospital. With the new writers I feel we will see him for quite a while. He is a terrific actor. Welcome back Michael <3

  16. I am so glad Michael is back. I think I am going to love this new character. He never should have been killed off as Silas. He was on fire the last few weeks before his ‘death’. Love the nod to Roxy from OLTL. As someone else had said, he could have come back as a janitor and I would still be excited about his return.

  17. I think that the most disingenuous and jolting thing that they could do on the show would be to totally ignore the fact that he has the same face as Silas Clay…..I actually got quite a kick out of seeing the characters react – can’t wait till Sam, Ava, Kiki and Nina see him. I love the slight snark, quick mind, mischievous and quirkiness of this new doc – and like the new writers, I too believe that in order to reinforce the spirit of the show you have to bring in more hospital personnel. Michael Easton is a terrific actor – he can play to the camera and give an internal performance with the best of them….and I already feel a good fit with this character and actor. If it hadn’t been for the nightmare that ABC and Prospect Park created, he would still be playing John McBain. Stephen Clay was an homage to Port Charles and their many fans…..and Silas Clay was a very troubled soul, one that unfortunately was never fully developed. A good actor can only do so much – the writers have to do their part as well. I also love Roxy the lizard (another subtle reference to OLTL) – a prop has been used forever to help introduce characters, both on the stage and on screen. Michael Easton has a huge fan base – and I for one am very much looking forward to see what Finn brings to the canvas!

  18. I actually enjoyed Finn. Easton did seem more energized. I just want him far away from my Jasam and then everything will be great.

  19. I’m really loving Hamilton Finn so far! He seems like a very interesting character and I look forward to learning more about him. Michael’s really doing a wonderful job bringing him to life.

  20. The show needs new doctors; this shouldn’t be called into question.

    they do need them

    but they also need to use the ones that they already have

    like someone said, lucas is barely on…why wasn’t he brought in to treat tracy, or something like that……and there’s monica, and doc o, although i don’t like her all that much…she’s still there

    but where are the nurses…we only see liz…where’s pip…..and who was that new nurse i think it was last week that we saw….and felix….they’re barely on…


  21. Laura belongs with Scotty “now.”

    i know, but they so dont’ want to give that to us


  22. It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I don’t know if I believe that, but it feels as if the time away energized Michael Easton. There’s an engagement with Finn that was missing with Silas, likely a result of having characteristics to hold on to. Finn’s snarky, he’s fun. He’s also a little weird in a science way, which is cool. I’m curiously interested in his pet lizard named Roxy. I’m sure when that’s revealed, it’ll have me spitting out my Pellegrino!

    i kind of agree with that statement….

    i don’t know if i want him with nina…again

    i want him more with anna, or how about monica…now that would truely be a switch…….

    why put him with the same people, all over again…..he’s a different character, spice him up a bit now….try him with others, before putting him and nina back if that’s going to be the case

    and all that


  23. Was a good intro of a quirky new character, as long as he continues to be a quirky, off-beat guy, he might be a good pairing for nina when she breaks up with franco.
    He seems quite different from silas or McBain, so I’ll keep an open mind. And if he keeps Jason and morgan off the screen for a bit, I’ll be happy. Those characters are worse than drying paint to me right now.

  24. I am very glad that Michael Easton has returned and am fascinated already by his new character, Dr. Hamilton Finn. This could potentially be one of Michael Easton’s most intriguing roles.

  25. Dr Finn is an intriguing character already. I’m sure there will be many layers and beats with this character, played with extraordinary expertise by Easton. Can’t wait to get the Hamilton Finn party started!

  26. For it to be a re-invented role the character would’ve had to been a freaking character. With the talent on this show and their lack of use, bring ME on yet again is just stupid and a total slap in the face to the actors their.

  27. It is fun to see the role re-invented for an interesting actor such as Easton. Can’t wait to see more of him!

  28. Neigh. Just neigh to the whole thing. It’s too many legacy characters and characters who have an actual importance to the show to have brought back than attempt to bring back on someone who quite frankly is a dud on GH. I liked him as Caleb on PC. I could tolerate him on OLTL as John. But each version of a character they’ve attempted to fit into the show of GH for ME has just been a wrong fit. Maybe this will work out. Maybe they’ll focus on developing a character for him. But when you use a lizard for a prop for the character; it doesn’t feel like you will care all that much about such things.

  29. Rumors are saying this Michael Easton’s character with hook up with Laura. My main point about this after Luke went Laura belongs with Scotty “now.”

  30. Sigh, I find it unnecessary. I’m not sure why Frank or ABC felt that a show which is filled with talented people, who aren’t being properly utilized someone needed Easton. They loss Patrick – they still had Obrecht, Monica and Lucas – that’s three doctors right there. Not to mention the nurses and art therapy from Franco.

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