Michael Easton Debuts His Fourth Character on ‘General Hospital’


If you caught the tail end of the March 21 episode of General Hospital, you saw Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) make a phone call someone specializing in infectious diseases. And it was a face you might remember! Soap alum Michael Easton (of Port Charles and One Life to Live fame) debuted with the same face you know and love!

Who is Michael Easton playing? Is it John McBain? Nope, he left Port Charles in 2013 (and for legal reasons cannot be mentioned). Is it Caleb Moorely aka Stephen Clay? No, he “died” and then mysteriously vanished at the beginning of 2013. Is it Dr. Silas Clay, the doppelganger brother of serial killer Stephen Clay? No, he died in the summer of 2014. So who is he playing? Well, he’s playing Dr. Hamilton Finn! Not much is known about this character, but what we do know is he met Monica a few years ago at a World Health Organization conference in Geneva, and he has a lizard friend he seems to enjoy stroking very gently. Oh my!

Check out his debut scene (for this character) below!

How will Hamilton differ from John McBain, Caleb/Stephen and Silas Clay? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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  1. Ummm…Hamilton Finn is basically just Silas Clay only weirder. LMAO “Exciting new character” is more like “Old character but not as boring.” The lizard is funny.

  2. Why do they keep doing this? Either keep him around or get rid of him. Having him come back as 18 different characters is just stupid and insane.

  3. So very happy at Michael’s return. I hadn’t watched OLTL in years so I didn’t know his character from there. I’ve loved him on GH though and hated when they killed him off. Glad he’s back. Now could they please bring Duke back from the dead…….

  4. Talentless wins again?

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