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7th Annual Indie Series Awards Interviews: Martha Madison, Kathleen Gati and more!

Atmosphere 7th Annual Indie Series Awards El Portal Theatre North Hollywood, CA 4/6/16 © Jill Johnson/ 310-657-9661

The 7th Annual Indie Series Awards (ISA7) were held on Wednesday April 6, at the historic El Portal Theatre, hosted by Jen Lilley and Eric Martsolf. The show was streamed online thanks to a partnership with AfterBuzz TV. TV Source Magazine was on the carpet talking to a few of the nominees before the show.

Martha Madison

Actress Martha Madison attends the 7th Annual Indie Series Awards at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA on 4/6/16. © Jill Johnson/

Martha Madison – “Winterthorne”

Congratulations! You are nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series tonight. How do you feel?

Martha Madison: Thank you! I’m really excited, our little show “Winterthorne” is nominated for 13 awards tonight. It’s a proud moment for our very, very small crew.

It was announced this week that you’ll be working on a new show.

Madison: Yes, Ladies of the Lake, it’s a script that was adapted from [Days of our Lives owner/executive producer] Ken Corday’s book “Ladies of the Lake” and we are going to start shooting that on Saturday for two weeks. It’s an amazing star studded cast and I can’t wait.

Can you tell us anything about your character?

Madison: My character is named Vivian, she’s the more intellectual of the four wives that you follow throughout the series. She’s the one that kind of keeps it all together, it’s fun. They are all very flawed and very dynamic, and a little wicked.

Lastly, how amazing does it feel to have so much love from the fans in regards of you leaving Days of Our Lives?

Madison: I felt more of an outpouring of love and support on my last day than on I did on my first day but it’s made it so wonderful. I feel so comforted, so loved and supported by the fans and its one of the many reason I love to do what I do.

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Paula Rhodes

Actress and producer Paula Rhodes. Photo Credit: ERIK URTZ/SNOBBYROBOT.COM

Paula Rhodes – “The New Adventures of Peter Pan and Wendy”

Hello! You have a huge group with you tonight.

Paula Rhodes: I know ! Well Hollywood Wasteland has 11 nominations, I have one in that group and I am a producer on the one that has four “The New Adventures of Peter Pan and Wendy” its fun.

So you are the woman of the evening?

Rhodes: I have a lot of friends who are going to be happy one way or the other, it’s a fun group of people.

For our readers who may not be familiar with the shows, can you give us a little bit about both?

Rhodes: Of course. So The New Adventures of Peter Pan and Wendy is a modernized version of Jane Berry’s classic tale of Peter Pan, told via blog in modern day Never Land, Ohio, a lot of magic though. We are just about to start our third, season one and two have over 2 million hits. We have Jim Beaver from “Supernatural” as our Mr. Darling, Percy Daggs from “Veronica Mars” as Hook. It’s just a really fun show that has a lot of engaged fans and we are so proud to have it and be growing.

I’m also apart of Hollywood Wasteland, which is a post-apocalyptic LA involving zombies and time travel and any number of comedy elements.

The New Adventures of Peter Pan and Wendy has won a lot of awards for transmedia so you can follow the storyline in all different capacities.

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