General Hospital Spoilers: April 18-22, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Alexis gets drawn into Julian’s scheme. Also: Michael and Felix search for Sabrina, Dillon finds Nina in a bad state, Lulu works on rebuilding her marriage with Dante, Anna’s misadventures cause trouble for Jordan. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 18, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: How To Get Away With Murder

In an attempt to save himself from prosecution, Julian pulls Alexis into his scheme to help Carlos. But will Carlos show caution when Alexis offers him some advice? Sonny and Max try to strong arm Julian. Later, Julian attempts to get some important information from Alexis. With everything that has happened, Sonny worries about Alexis’ well-being. Meanwhile, Anna and Paul’s covert affairs are exposed leading to an astonishing confession. Carlos and Anna have it out while Mac and Felicia enlist legal help for Anna. With everything coming to light, Jordan finds herself taken to task by Mayor Lomax. How will Jordan feel towards Anna when she lands in hot water? Michael, along with Felix, continues to search for Sabrina despite Dante’s warnings.

Also this week:

Nina and Franco’s obstacles continue and both have different ways of dealing with their relationship woes. Dillon finds a tipsy Nina drinking her sorrows away meanwhile Obrecht gives Franco advice about his love life. Later, Nina is shocked by Franco’s cluelessness.

When Griffin encounters Nathan, the results are a bit unexpected. In an attempt to make amends, Nathan makes a very public display of love and affection. Will Maxie be impressed by the grand gesture?

  • Kristina has a very private conversation with Sam.
  • Sam’s nightmare comes with a warning.
  • Lulu focuses on rebuilding her marriage.
  • Laura gladly accepts an offer of help.
  • Ned learns that Olivia and Julian are co-parenting Leo.
  • Andre arrives at the PCPD on official business.
  • Obrecht unintentionally plants an idea in Monica’s head.

Source Sneak Peek: April 25th-29th

There’s an unexpected twist in the case against Carlos. A message from Nina has Franco assuming the worst. Jason has serious concerns about his violent tendencies. Lucas and Brad discuss the details of their upcoming wedding.

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  1. I’d love to see Liz bring out something in Franco , that he’s not expecting. “The confidence he needs for being a good dad.”
    As far as Jason is concerned, If he has those violent abilities, IMO , they should be used to take down the really bad guys. Jason being PI , going back into the mob, or working for PCPD would be some things I’d be interested in watching.

  2. I wish Liz would hurry back and she would become romantically involved with Franco. Their friendship has been magical and I am tired of watching Franco & Nina’s constant clashed over marriage and having kids.
    Romance is the reason I watch soaps and Roger Howarth is why I tune in to GH. He deserves a juicy story line and I have become a fan of Rebecca Herbst; it’s great that she signed a new contract and I want the writers to seize upon the undeniable chemistry between these two tremendous talents asap!!!

  3. I still wish Dante and Lulu were not rebuilding yet.

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