‘EastEnders’ Week in Review: Abi Confesses to Ben; Johnny Returns to the Square

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It’s another tough week for Abi on EastEnders! The net is closing on her lies, after faking a miscarriage last week. Louise is threatening to expose it all to Ben. After Abi refuses to be blackmailed to leave Walford she tries to pay Louise off, which only makes things worse.

After some coaching from Aunt Babe, Abi decides it’s best to just come clean and admit everything to Ben, that way she can tell the truth before Louise does any more damage. Ben does not take the news well and things get very heated! Phil walks in the middle of their row and demands a family gather over at The Vic, the tension is put on hold and Ben agrees. Cut to the pub and Louise is up on stage giving a very hilarious rendition of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood, how fitting (Watch it here).

Abi is so ashamed, rightfully so, and runs into the arms of her uncle Jack. He takes Abi over to her Grandma Dot’s house and then tells her to wait while he goes out and takes care of some things. While getting judged by Dot, there’s a knock at the door, unfortunately it’s an angry Phil! He makes Abi come with him and bundles her into his car. As he’s driving off with her, Jay jumps in front of the car and comes to her rescue. She runs off back to Dot’s house and Jack decides it’s for the best that she leaves and goes to live with her mum. After some persuading from Dot though he changes his mind and realizes it’s time he stepped up to care for Abi.


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The big surprise of the week was Johnny Carter returning (in the form of a new actor – the adorable Ted Reilly). Everyone is ecstatic about his return, especially mum Linda. However, Johnny comes back with his own news, that he’s broken up with his boyfriend over in Italy.

He soon realizes that he’s missed a lot during his absence and he struggles to come to terms with all the lies he’s being told by the family. Linda is extremely tense and realizes that she has to come clean and tell Johnny about Dean raping her last year. The pair share an emotional moment on the bench which is bound to bring a tear to anyone’s eyes. Johnny breaks down in his bathroom, distraught by all the family drama, he needs someone to blame and he focuses all that anger on his dad, telling Mick it’s all his fault! After a heart to heart with Nancy, he realizes that his dad is not to blame and he sits down with Mick and the pair have a heartbreaking and heart-warming chat.

Johnny comes up with a plan to bring his family all back together in this time of pain. He plans a swimming trip, just like when they were kids! The Carter family all take to the swimming baths, hello Danny Dyer looking lovely holding baby Ollie in the pool, aw! The plan works and Mick finally makes peace with daughter Nancy. Later on at a family dinner, Lee re-proposes to Whitney! Johnny decides that he wants to stay in Walford and be with his family. but Nancy quickly jumps at the chance to take his plane ticket instead and announces she wants to leave! Oh no!

Ben has a surprise for Paul. Photo courtesy BBC

Ben has a surprise for Paul. Photo courtesy BBC

It was a busy week for Jay, he was dealing with two girls chasing after him! First Louise tries to kiss him, causing him to push her away and call her a child (she’s only 14!). Then his girlfriend Linzi finds out and angrily confronts Louise, threatening to hurt her if she tries it again – meow! Jay decides to smooth things over by taking a hesitant Linzi away on a romantic hotel break.

After hearing some home truths from Jay, Ben realizes that he finally needs to accept his sexuality. He goes after Paul and asks him out for a drink, just as friends! During this drink however, things get a little more serious, when Ben finally admits his true feelings and comes clean. Paul is touched, and rather shocked when Ben asks him to be his boyfriend! He agrees but tells Ben the pair need to take things slowly. Ben is trying to come to terms with how to be romantic, nothing he does seems to impress Paul. After a couple of failed attempts to woo him, he comes up with a romantic meal idea. Outside Beales he has a table set up, fairy lights and everything, and a fish and chip dinner! The pair share a rather adorable date, so cute!

Finally, Stacey is coming to terms with being back at home now. Things don’t start off well, as she finds out that Kat has stopped paying her rent now, causing Martin to panic about how they will afford to keep living. Kyle is worried about a family meal that Stacey has planned, as the last time he saw Jean (Stacey’s mum) things didn’t go too well! Looks like Kyle’s fears were right because Jean kicks off at the meal, telling everyone that he’s not really Stacey’s brother, as they only had girls. Kyle’s had enough and finally admitted to everyone that he was born a woman and went through gender reassignment. Jean takes the news badly, calling him a freak and saying he’s lying again. Stacey’s had enough of the fighting and finally stands up for her brother Kyle, she tells everyone that they need to accept him for who he is. It honestly bought tears to my eyes listening to Kyle’s story and hearing Stacey defend trans people, a lovely moment to end on.

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