‘Coronation Street’ Week in Review: Maria Returns with a Secret!

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Lots of developments on Coronation Street. Maria is back! However, she doesn’t return empty handed… we soon find out she’s come back with a secret husband! Scandalous!

Luke quickly finds out about the new husband when he catches Maria out on a lunch date with him. Things aren’t as they appear though, Pablo, is in fact gay and has married Maria for a green card so he can live in the UK with his boyfriend. Luke is still upset about the lies though and wants nothing to do with Maria. She decides to win him back by getting really drunk and dressing as a lion, going out into the street to embarrass herself as a public way to win him over. It looks like it works too, as Luke decides to take her back after realizing she only married Pablo to help him out. He decides to give her his own surprise too and proposes marriage! Maria accepts and the pair share a kiss, how lovely. Better get a divorce first though darling!

Elsewhere Gary continues to buy weed for Izzy’s pain relief, however he catches Sharif’s attention who begins to suspect something dodgy is going on. Sharif has new CCTV equipment installed at the Gym, to try and catch Gary out doing something illegal. It looks like his plan works too, as when Gary gets a visit from the dealer, he catches them and calls the police. After being arrested, Anna finds out and is furious with Izzy for getting him involved in this situation. Izzy is upset and decides to head to the police station to admit the truth. She tells the police it was her who asked for the drugs, unfortunately this only makes things worse as the police now believe Gary is a dealer!


Unfortunately for Ches, Sinead falls sick with the flu after booking a flight out to Portugal to see his son. He’s been so upset lately that her modelling has been taking her away from him, and she also feels the strain as she feels like he’s been distant with her lately. Things aren’t looking good for the pair and Ches decides to jet off to Portugal alone, leaving a sick Sinead behind.

Elsewhere Tyrone continues to build his scrap-metal business, now with the support of Fizz and Sarah struggles to come to terms with being a new mum and trying to plan a christening.

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