Emmerdale Week In Review: Aaron Faces off with Gordon at the Trial!

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The trial we’ve all been waiting for begun this week! Emmerdale’s Gordon Livesy was in court accused of child abuse against his son Aaron. The week begins with Aaron on the stand, the court plays his police interview and the prosecution pile on the heat attacking his character.

Things only get worse when his step-mum Sandra crumbles while trying to convince the jury that she knew about the abuse! Robert manages to give a heartfelt defense of Aaron (it must be love!) but Chas was not so convincing, as the prosecution expose her bad parenting skills for abandoning Aaron as a child. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better when his younger sister Liv takes the stand and begins to defend her father, before breaking down in tears causing court to be suspended.

Photo courtesy ITV

Robert (l) supports Aaron (r) during the heated trial. Photo courtesy ITV

Outside the courtroom Liv confides in Aaron that she can’t go along with Gordon’s lies anymore. She asks if she can go to live with Aaron, he hesitates, causing her to feel rejected and she storms off, vowing to take him down in the courtroom. The trial resumes with Gordon giving evidence, Aaron can’t stand listening to all the hurtful lies and runs out of the room (I teared up)!

Liv is in the court toilets and plays her recording of Aaron and Robert’s conversation, where they admit to paying off a witness. I’m on the edge of my seat wondering who Liv will side with and whether she will play the recording and take them down. Thankfully her conscience gets the best of her and she exposes her father’s evil lies and plotting. After a tense wait for the village, the jury is back and gives us a verdict… GUILTY! Everyone in court breaks down in tears, what an emotional week, goodbye Gordon!

Elsewhere things are tense for David, as he awaits news from the Doctors about whether he has cancer or not. He’s sat outside in the waiting room in the surgery, whilst Belle is inside, continuing her steamy affair with the married Doctor! As David walks in and interrupts their passionate make-out session, it leaves the Doctor all flustered and he grabs the wrong notes by mistakes, accidentally giving David the all-clear. David goes off to celebrate with his family, but the happiness doesn’t last long, as the Doctor turns up and tells him he does in fact have cancer. He struggles to come to terms with the diagnosis and potentially having to lose a testicle, oh no, David!

Andy starts to bond with Lachlan after taking him to a gig and his relationship with Chrissie heats up. This leads to a lot of awkward tension for Bernice though, I mean, who wants to live with their ex? After a convenient burst pipe up at Home Farm, Chrissie hatches a plan to meet her potential birth father (who just so happens to be a plumber!). While fixing the leak she tries to find out information on him and asks if he knew her mother, to her disappointment he says no, but not before a longing look as he exits – I think there’s more to come here…

Photo courtesy ITV

Photo courtesy ITV

Being a new mum is difficult, as Megan is starting to find out this week. She’s trying to prove that she can cope and do everything by herself. She keeps pushing away Jay and his family and everyone else who tries to offer her support. Unfortunately, things don’t go well at the Christening she planned and it turns into a disaster, after a ripped dress and the wrong cake is delivered (Elijah instead of Elisa, lovely coincidence!). After feeling overwhelmed Megan finally gives in and realizes she needs to accept the help of those around her.

Elsewhere Lisa continues to struggle as she comes to terms with Zak’s engagement. After some misguided encouragement from Dan and Kerry, Zak decides he needs to buy a ring to make it official. But where does a man with no money to pay rent get a ring from? Well, he goes and raids the Dingle family piggy bank! A horrified Lisa thinks the house has been burgled, only to discover Joanie with a shiny new ring – causing Zak to confess it was him. Things only get more awkward though when the new ring disappears and everyone quickly points the finger at a bitter Lisa! The poor woman can’t seem to catch a break lately.

And finally the tension and paranoia continues to grow between Rhona and Paddy. She can’t seem to trust him after the affair, and even follows him when he goes out to work! It becomes apparent to everyone that something is wrong between them and Vanessa tries to give her some home truths. After trying to find a new Vet to replace them before they leave to go to Germany, things get a little awkward when they discover someone has been leaving them bad reviews online – internet trolls! Rhona has a secret though, she knows who it is. Tess’ husband! She confronts him and tells him he needs to stop, but he’s still angry that Paddy had an affair with his wife and vows to carry on his hate. Rhona has had enough and she tells Paddy that they have to leave and move to Germany – tomorrow!

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