Gays of our Lives: Kiss Me, You Fool

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EastEnders: Ben is upset to learn that Phil isn’t going to his AA meetings. Meanwhile, Abi has a falling out with Babe and Babe vengefully sends Ben a letter exposing Abi’s pregnancy scam.

Babe and Abi make up and they go to retrieve the letter, but find that Ben’s sister Louise has found it and now knows the truth. Louise has plans to take full advantage of what she knows.


Emmerdale:   Liv begins to think maybe Aaron is telling the truth about being raped and tells Gordon she doesn’t want to help him anymore. Later, Aaron figures out that Liv has been spying for Gordon, worrying both Robert and Aaron.

Robert’s fears are concerned when the cops show up and tell Robert they know he tried to bribe Ryan to lie about being raped by Gordon.

Elsewhere, Robert gets more bad news when he learns that Andy and Chrissie are dating and he can’t help but be jealous. He and Aaron go on a date and Andy and Chrissie’s new relationship is all Robert can talk about.


However, Lawrence gets the wrong idea and thinks Andy and his new wife Bernice are involved and has Andy beaten up to stay away from Bernice. When Lawrence sees Chrissie’s concern about Andy, Lawrence realizes he got it all wrong.

Robert figures out that Lawrence had Andy beaten and plots to blackmail his former father in law. But when Robert goes to visit Lawrence, he finds him in the middle of having a heart attack. Robert is left to decide whether to leave Lawrence to die or not.

Neighbours:  A hotel explosion puts Aaron’s life in danger. But that’s not the only surprise he faces.

People of the Valley:   Iolo is upset when Tyler brings home a new guy.


Secret Lives:  Elias struggles whether to tell Lari about Kalle’s cheating, but decides to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Kalle descends further into the bottle rather than tell Lari the truth.

Elias and Lari spend some time together and Elias kisses Lari. The wake of that kiss and Lari’s reaction, leads to Elias telling Lari the truth about Kalle’s drunken tryst with Jesse.

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Shadowhunters:  In the season finale, the gang made an unwanted alliance to keep the Mortal Cup safe. Meanwhile, Alec and Magnus deal with the new reality of their relationship.

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EastEnders: Johnny returns home from his year long vacation with Luca. But why?

Hollyoaks: James catches Harry and Ste in an uncomfortable position.   

Neighbours: Aaron is shocked by Nate’s sudden return.

Secret Lives:  Lari confronts Kalle about his infidelity.

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  1. I liked Lydia’s reaction, too. She knew exactly what she was getting into and didn’t begrudge Alec’s decision to pursue something happier.

    Aaron wasn’t nasty to Robert for suggesting Liv was up to something. He was nasty to Robert because Liv could only find something out that was dangerous because Robert bribed a kid to make a false allegation. Robert created this mess in his attempt to meddle with Aaron’s life without his consent, and Aaron isn’t going to waste time giving him sympathy when there isn’t much that they could do.

    Didn’t Lawrence give Bernice a pass to pursue other men? She declined, but based on what he said about his late wife, he seemed like he would be fine with it if she discretely met her needs elsewhere.

    Phil’s doing too many horrible things in a row for people to forgive him. They should at least create some event or action that gives his family a reason to reconsider.

    I hope the fake baby drama doesn’t last too much longer. I also wonder whether Paul/Lee/Whitney will notice they’ve picked up Ben and Abi’s infection.

    I’m looking forward to Johnny being back. There’s only so much gay guys and their girlfriends that I can take.

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