Gays of our Lives: Kiss Me, You Fool

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Hit The Floor (U.S.)

So after weeks of Jude and Zero having all these scenes talking about him finding his sister, Zero tracks her down and then says ‘forget the whole thing’. What? They bored us with this story I didn’t like and then had it go nowhere. Bah.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.36.44 PMFrankly, now that the show has wrapped up this season, I have to say I’m very disappointed with how they handled Zero and Jude’s story. Frankly, they had little drama once Zero came out and that should have been when their lives/storyline should have gotten really interesting.

But in fact, Zero came out and then literally nothing happened after that. The show never examined, even briefly, what it would be like if a professional athlete at the height of his career came out of the closet. And that’s really a shame. Did this show literally wrap up another long running murder plot and then minutes later, start a new one? Yes, they did.

I hated Raquel’s very convenient deathbed confession, BTW. Way to ruin a lovable character with a dumb plot twist. And I found it hard to believe that Germann would just be let off the hook. He might not have killed Olivia in the end, but he did shove her off that balcony, which led to her death. That has to be some sort of crime.

I thought the build up to Jelena’s shooting was kind of rushed and out of nowhere. The show literally spent a few minutes giving everybody a motive for shooting her before giving us the not so surprising cliffhanger. Jelena’s behavior, especially cutting Terrance out of the buyout of the Devils seemed out of character, even for her. I found the setup for Jude and Zero wanting to kill her to be silly as well, with Jude refusing to move away to be with the man he’s loved for the entirety of the show in order to hold Lionel’s hand. Um… no.

The question is now is if this show will be back for a fourth season. I know they are doing a summer special, but that sounds suspiciously like a finale episode to tie up all the storylines and loose ends. Well, if that’s the case, let’s hope that the special will actually give Jude and Zero something interesting to do.

Neighbours (Australia)

Mark is like the worst cop ever.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.44.15 PMSonya and Toadie believe Tom has threatened their child and Mark decides to spend the night for protection, but none of them make sure the house is securely locked before going to bed? And if Mark was really that worried, shouldn’t he have slept on the sofa where he could keep a better on things? Or maybe he should have actually called his fellow officers where they could sit outside and watch the house?

He’s hot though.

I don’t blame Sonya for not giving Aaron his job back. Given the scandal he brought on the office it just wouldn’t look good. How many jobs does that make in a year for Aaron. Maybe he should go back to being the worst most boring stripper.

I agree with Sonya that Aaron is naive, but they all knew Aaron was dating Tom and none of them seemed concerned that it was completely unethical for them to be involved. So they’re all to blame for what happened, IMO.

People of the Valley (Wales)

picture_00000Iolo had no business telling people Tyler was gay, especially Dani. I don’t like him being so self-righteous about it either. It’s Tyler’s choice when or if he comes out. Period.

I guess Tyler and Iolo are in for a long and rocky road. Iolo clearly wants to be involved with Tyler and Tyler says he doesn’t want a relationship. So I bet that’s probably going to be the primary conflict between them. It’ll play out like that for awhile with a lot of stops and starts.

At some point Iolo will probably get tired of waiting for Tyler and either meet a new guy or even better William comes back and Tyler has to face that he does have feelings for Iolo.

But that’s getting way, way ahead of ourselves. Given how long this show takes to tell a story, that’s at least a good year or two of drama. But at least Iolo finally has a storyline.

I do think that Tyler has issues about being gay and given that he’s a teacher in a small town he has valid reasons for being concerned. However, this has to be one of the most gay friendly towns I’ve ever seen so I don’t think that Tyler has much to worry about.

Secret Lives (Finland)

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.34.24 PMUgh. Elias being so smug and judgement is hard to take. He needs to butt out because this situation is none of his business. If he weren’t so interested in getting into Lari’s pants, he couldn’t care less. But as much as Elias needs to leave this alone, Kalle should tell Lari the truth.

I think Lari would get over it, especially given he and Kalle’s history. It’s just frustrating to watch this relationship about to implode because they could be happy. But Kalle’s drinking, stemming from his esteem issues is going to ruin everything.

As for Sanni, why didn’t she just tell Lari that Jesse was bisexual to put an end to Lari’s questions? That would have been a simple solution to the problem.

The Fosters (U.S.)

It’s pretty obvious that Jude is only thinking he’s not gay because he’s lost the only two guys who showed romantic interest in him. I don’t know what’s going to happen next season for him, but I hope he gets past this and meets someone new.

Taylor’s a nice girl and I wouldn’t want to see her hurt. And Jude would only be hurting himself the longer this goes on.


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  1. I liked Lydia’s reaction, too. She knew exactly what she was getting into and didn’t begrudge Alec’s decision to pursue something happier.

    Aaron wasn’t nasty to Robert for suggesting Liv was up to something. He was nasty to Robert because Liv could only find something out that was dangerous because Robert bribed a kid to make a false allegation. Robert created this mess in his attempt to meddle with Aaron’s life without his consent, and Aaron isn’t going to waste time giving him sympathy when there isn’t much that they could do.

    Didn’t Lawrence give Bernice a pass to pursue other men? She declined, but based on what he said about his late wife, he seemed like he would be fine with it if she discretely met her needs elsewhere.

    Phil’s doing too many horrible things in a row for people to forgive him. They should at least create some event or action that gives his family a reason to reconsider.

    I hope the fake baby drama doesn’t last too much longer. I also wonder whether Paul/Lee/Whitney will notice they’ve picked up Ben and Abi’s infection.

    I’m looking forward to Johnny being back. There’s only so much gay guys and their girlfriends that I can take.

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